Texting While Driving Test Given To Young Drivers

    May 4, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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Even though most of us do not admit it, at one time or another, most of us have glanced at a text or replied to it while in transit. Even though some of us do it anyway, texting while driving is a death accident just waiting to happen, especially for teens and young adults. To show teens and young adults how dangerous texting while driving is, a test has been devised for teens to text and drive while going for their driving test.

Responsible Young Drivers (RYD), a Belgium road safety organization aimed primarily at young drivers, swindled young drivers upon their driver’s test that a law has been passed which allows drivers to text. With this in mind, the instructors let the potential drivers take the driving exam while texting to show the drivers their performance while distracted by their phones. To see some of the student reactions, please view the YouTube video provided below.

This is not the first time that RYD has derived a stunt to communicate a message to the public. To see a full list of events that RYD has done, click here.

  • http://widefide.com Anil Sardiwal

    what should I say? lol? 😛

  • http://www.OTTERapp.com Erik Wood

    I think this approach by the driving school in Belgium will help these young drivers get the message. It has to start with the end user, the driver…deciding not to partake in distracted driving and this will help drive that message home.

    I also decided to do something about teen (and adult) distracted driving after my three year old daughter was nearly run down right in front of me by a texting driver. Instead of a shackle that locks down phones and alienates the user (especially teens) I built a tool for teens and their parents called OTTER that is a simple, GPS based, texting auto reply app for smartphones. It also silences call ringtones while driving unless you have a bluetooth enabled. I think if we can empower the individual then change will come to our highways now and not just our laws.

    Erik Wood, owner
    OTTER app
    do one thing well… be great.