Terry Bradshaw Drops the F-Bomb While Mic Still On


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Terry, Terry, Terry. Howie, Michael, and Jimmy are going to have to wash your mouth out with soap after the foul language you used recently.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and current Fox NFL Sunday co-host and analyst used some colorful words while his mic was still on during a break of Friday's Fox Football Daily.

It seems that Fox's new sports channel, Fox Sports 1, likes to air "Sneak Peaks," showing the viewers what happens during commercial breaks. During this certain commercial break, Bradshaw and fellow Fox NFL Sunday co-host and analyst, Jimmy Johnson, were enjoying a joke. The cameras caught Bradshaw saying, "Besides, I wouldn’t have f***** his old ugly-ass mother anyway. God dang. I’ve got more pride than that," and Johnson laughing away.

Fox Sports 1 may need to rethink their "Sneak Peaks."

Also, whoever's mother Bradshaw is talking about, I'm sure she's equally excited he chose to have so much pride.

Because the conversation was something Fox aired, they took full responsibility and quickly apologized for the incident. Fox Sports spokesman Dan Bell said, "FOX Sports apologizes for the inadvertent and inappropriate language heard during a commercial break on Friday's edition of FOX Football Daily on FOX Sports 1. The personalities in the studio, including Terry Bradshaw, were unaware that we'd be going to the set live at that time. We apologize to Terry and viewers who unfortunately heard the comments. We are reviewing our procedures to make sure this does not happen again."

You can watch Bradshaw drop the F-bomb in the video below. (Remember, it won't be bleeped out. So if you don't like hearing foul language, I wouldn't recommend watching it.)


I wonder if they'll add this to the blooper reel they've already created? At least if they do, they'll have time to bleep the cuss words out.

Another person who may not be too pleased with the joke is Bradshaw's former teammate at Louisiana Tech, Phil Robertson. The Duck Dynasty patriarch, most notably known for his family's show on A&E and his duck calls, is also known for his clean language. (I'll be honest, this was just a plug so I could show this video of Bradshaw and Robertson together.)

Image via YouTube.

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