Terry Bradshaw Drops the F-Bomb While Mic Still On

By: Emily Greene - September 14, 2013

Terry, Terry, Terry. Howie, Michael, and Jimmy are going to have to wash your mouth out with soap after the foul language you used recently.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and current Fox NFL Sunday co-host and analyst used some colorful words while his mic was still on during a break of Friday’s Fox Football Daily.

It seems that Fox’s new sports channel, Fox Sports 1, likes to air “Sneak Peaks,” showing the viewers what happens during commercial breaks. During this certain commercial break, Bradshaw and fellow Fox NFL Sunday co-host and analyst, Jimmy Johnson, were enjoying a joke. The cameras caught Bradshaw saying, “Besides, I wouldn’t have f***** his old ugly-ass mother anyway. God dang. I’ve got more pride than that,” and Johnson laughing away.

Fox Sports 1 may need to rethink their “Sneak Peaks.”

Also, whoever’s mother Bradshaw is talking about, I’m sure she’s equally excited he chose to have so much pride.

Because the conversation was something Fox aired, they took full responsibility and quickly apologized for the incident. Fox Sports spokesman Dan Bell said, “FOX Sports apologizes for the inadvertent and inappropriate language heard during a commercial break on Friday’s edition of FOX Football Daily on FOX Sports 1. The personalities in the studio, including Terry Bradshaw, were unaware that we’d be going to the set live at that time. We apologize to Terry and viewers who unfortunately heard the comments. We are reviewing our procedures to make sure this does not happen again.”

You can watch Bradshaw drop the F-bomb in the video below. (Remember, it won’t be bleeped out. So if you don’t like hearing foul language, I wouldn’t recommend watching it.)


I wonder if they’ll add this to the blooper reel they’ve already created? At least if they do, they’ll have time to bleep the cuss words out.

Another person who may not be too pleased with the joke is Bradshaw’s former teammate at Louisiana Tech, Phil Robertson. The Duck Dynasty patriarch, most notably known for his family’s show on A&E and his duck calls, is also known for his clean language. (I’ll be honest, this was just a plug so I could show this video of Bradshaw and Robertson together.)

Image via YouTube.

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  • http://Yahoo Elwood P Suggins

    Terry Bradshaw can say anything he wants as far as I’m concerned. No apology necessary. It’s not people haven’t heard the F Word before. It’s just a word.

    • Another view

      Then so it is when someone tells you they love you….. Just words

      • Another View 2

        When someone tells you they love you it is just words… It only means they really like you at this point in time until someone else comes along that they like better…Whether they love you or not will be determined by their actions.

      • @Another view

        I understand what you are trying to say —- we should all mean what say and say what we mean. I agree with that too.

        However, talk really is cheap. Actions speak much louder than words.

      • Greg Gruber

        Quit being a girl!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don

    I could care less about anything FOX Network does. Too much religion for one,

  • Michael J. Bentivegna

    It is not the end of the world. Let it go. How about taking on congress!

  • Michael J. Bentivegna

    It is not the end of the world. Let it go. Pay attention to congress!

  • Really??? A swear word???

    America is pretty hypocritical. According to PolicyMic, our drones have killed 176 children in Pakistan alone (that does not include iraq, afghanistan, yemen, our secret drone missions, etc.), yet we condemn Syria for killing children with chemical weapons. There is also absolutely no outrage over our own actions. Americans couldn’t care less what we are doing to other people’s children overseas. We couldn’t care less that war has been reduced to a nameless, faceless video game.

    This story is another example of our hypocrisy. Many of the programs on Fox are violent, mean-spirited, biased, sensational, and all about sex, yet when one person swears there is outrage and we demand an apology. We demand action and accountability. Trust me America – your children hear and say worse things at school everyday.

    Something relatively harmless like a swear word we get fired up about. Our own drone strikes — we couldn’t care less. Funny thing is, your children are more adversely effected by things like the Patriot Acts. Your children’s children will be dealing with the implications of that piece of legislature — if our country lasts that long. Why not voice your outrage about that?

    Nah — it is safer to focus on swear words and just have Terry Bradshaw apologize for something that doesn’t really need apologizing for.

    • http://yahoo.com Gene

      this is true lol uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm where did i sit my fuckin coffee down lol

    • cliff clavin

      You lost me at “According to PolicyMic.”

      • @Cliff

        Typical. Okay, then go out there and verify the 15 other sources that say the same things.

        Yet, that is the typical American response. Won’t address the truth at all costs.

  • I find this funny.

    I just saw an ad for some sort of “Cougar” dating service on TV. The guy at the end looks blatantly underage. Pretty much like a teenager. I am sure it was meant to appear that way.

    Yet, we get upset when someone drops an F-bomb on TV. Simply amazing.

    Funny thing about the “Cougar” dating service ad, if that had been for older guys hooking up with younger teenage girls, the ad would have been immediately pulled or never made it on the air. The dating site would have been shut down. Guys would have lost their jobs and possibly prosecuted.

    Apparently, when a young guy hooks up with an older woman, he is lucky. When a young girl hooks up with an older guy, she is victimized. Well, come to think of it — that is exactly how TV and Hollywood portray things.

    I want to say I saw that ad on a Fox network but I can’t be entirely sure. Maybe it was another network. At any rate. It just reminds me that we are so selective about morality in this nation. A swear word can ruffle everyone’s feathers but a cougar ad — not so much.

    • fahkir

      With the world going estrogen friendly, this will be more common than not.

  • http://yahoo.com Gene

    just using his freedom of speach way to go tell it like it is lol

  • greco

    Exactly. See, you’re not as dumb as your neighbors think.

  • Larry

    Who cares.. grade school kids yell it everyday get over this PC Nanny BS people.

  • cat miller

    Fox has way more it should be apologizing for besides TB using a profanity on an open mic getting “sneak peaks”. Grow up, Fox.

  • Marcko

    Big F—ing deal!

  • LF

    So what? Isn’t Fox News an F word?

  • Mrs Wilberforce

    Who the hell cares about the F-bomb video?? The Phil Robertson-Terry Bradshaw interview was WAAAAY more interesting and entertaining. Thanks, Emily Greene, for including it. It made the whole article.

  • http://yahoo John Adams

    Love Terry – if Fox overreacts and does something stupid I’ll be forced to watch only ESPN (as much as that pains me).

  • ScottF

    Terry’s from Louisiana so thank heaven he didn’t drop the “N” word or Fox would’ve had to sent him to sensitivity training for 3 days so he would be “cured” (a la Riley Cooper). :)

  • Steelworker

    Fox should apologize more for the cleveland show, bob’s burgers,….I could go on and on, than for Terry’s comments.

  • Ronald Mims

    Terry makes the show interesting, he has a great sense of humor and if Fox leaves an open mike on purpose what do they expect???

  • http://www.bestonlinebet.net BuddMan

    I don’t think Terry can seal the deal anymore so ALL ugly mothers are likely not threatened

  • debbifae

    George Carlin had a routine called “Seven Words you can’t say on TV”. Before he tells us what they are, he says, “Of all the words in the English language, who decided which 7 words would be bad words?” It is the way you use them and the tone that would make any word bad or offensive in my humble opinion. So I agree, it is only a word and used here as a joke to make people laugh. What’s the big deal? If FOX didn’t approve, they shouldn’t be doing sneak peeks like this!

  • kelliray

    Terry is great colorful commentator…so to all of you who don,t like this you prob never said this word before(ha!) at least he did not say he !@#@!! the guys mother

  • bob wire

    The old “I wouldnt fruck her with your diic” talk from Terry—figures he’d say it right in front of two older women and to a fellow diic limper, JImmy “no more” Johnson…what a couple of frauds these two are…recall Bradshaws marriage to skating star Jo JO Starbuck and his claims of being reborn again, praying about their marriage together and quoting the bible…uh, what verse was that one you quoted about not poking the mans mother there Terr?…dumb as they come, Terry Bradshaw—

    • bunnie s.

      This isn’t as much about swearing on TV as it is about a true glimpse into this guy’s character. It shows a complete lack of sensitivity, integrity and being just generally full of himself. This behavior shows he thinks he has the right to judge people on a superficial basis, because, after all, he is who he is. However, he does have psychological problems which he has been treated for and perhaps his character flaws are from these in combination with too many hits in the head which can cause early dementia. The result is doing and saying inappropriate things. If this is the case I truly feel sorry for him, I was always a big fan of his especially during his “glory days”. If this behavior is not related to a medical condition(s), shame on him. He’s just another “born again Christian” hypocrite and a jerk who is completely smitten with himself—and believe me the South is full of these hypocrites. He needs to eat some humble pie and do some soul searching, if he is even capable of this, and realize the hurt he causes when he acts in this manner. Sometimes age has nothing to do with being an adult but rather it is just a number that reflects the number of times someone has traveled around the sun. Mr. Bradshaw–look in the mirror, you are no spring chicken yourself and this woman that this comment was directed toward may have been a very nice person–thank God you rejected her. Grow up, if you are capable.

      • http://none justme

        Say WHAT?

  • dj

    Oh no, HE SWORE? 99 percent of the people in the world swear. What is the story here? FUCK OFF!

  • Silvergirl

    A former football player cursing?! I’m stunned & amazed!!! LOL

  • pete

    who cares. he messed up lets move on people.

  • http://none/fox mia

    love football, people at home in their??? saying worse all the time , when the players are on the field, some of the positions and such, are racey, butt, gotta love the game, icon , old terry, fox has always been a sneaky ,newa is freaky, and shows are eekey,icki , wish the sports guys would not look soo suity,active wear, like no shiny shoes, no ties, fox could give clothes allowance to those with less, and naybe a raffle games sale, makes sense to me, no concussion you see.

  • Jim

    F… word is less than zilch. Obama Care is a horrendous word.

  • dave

    Fox definitely should not play the open mic bit, certainly not while the announcers are up and walking around. I blame every bit of this on whoever came up with this stupid idea.

  • Spoiledrottenbrat1965

    This is to funny! I wish everyone would stop apologizing. Terry better not apologize for ANYTHING! He was having a conversation with someone that should have NEVER been aired. I know it’s so shocking that an ex-pro football player says the F word. Hate to tell you this, but so do most high school football players.