Teresa Giudice Headed For Divorce?


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Teresa Giudice will be headed to prison soon, and you would think her husband Joe, who will be going to prison when Teresa is released, would be interested in spending as much time with her as possible.

Apparently, that isn't the case and instead of comforting his wife and spending a much time with his family as possible, Joe has turned to drinking.

According to a source for Radar Online, Joe has been spending all of his free time at a bar and Teresa has had enough and is considering a divorce.

“Teresa might be putting on a united front with Joe publicly, but it’s all a sham,” the source said. “He is most often alone, or with one or two guy friends. Teresa is never with him. He just likes to hang out and watch football games, or just shoot the sh*t,” the source went on to explain.

The source also said that Teresa may file for divorce from Joe once she is released from prison next year.

Teresa will start her prison sentence at the start of the year and as soon as she is released, Joe will start his. Teresa has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud and other charges.

Earlier this month Joe admitted to having a drinking problem.

"I think I used to drink only on the weekends. Now I drink every day," he said. "But, just wine. I don't drink anything else, really. ... I could easily do two, three bottles, four bottles, easily. You know, with another person," he said. "Sometimes two by myself. Well, one bottle's like sucking a bottle of milk. It's like nothing. ... It does help me sleep. It's either that or I have to take a pill, and I don't want to take a pill."

He also apologized to Teresa for getting her into trouble.

"I just want to apologize that I got you into this mess," Joe Giudice said during an interview with Andy Cohen. "If I could take it all back, I would."

Joe said that he tried to convince the judge to not send Teresa to jail for his mistake, but couldn't get the judge to understand that she was innocent.

His guilt could be the reason he feels the need to drink.