Teen Girls Beat 13-Year-Old, Post Video to Facebook

    February 20, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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There’s a life tip that exists, and it’s more important than any you’ll hear today. Forget an apple a day or beer before liquor. This one is tailored to the modern age.

Kids: If you beat the crap out of someone, don’t post a video of it to Facebook.

CBS News reports that the video shows 14-year-old GlennaLynn Marie Santos and 15-year-old Keanna Beaver hitting 13-year-old Jaden Sanders in the face. According to police, Sanders didn’t fight back and simply tried to protect herself/get away.

Sanders reportedly suffered bruises and a black eye.

The two teens took the video with a cellphone and then posted it to Facebook just 27 minutes after the incident occurred.

Strangely, the two teens willingly turned themselves in to police after contacting a KIRO 7 reporter on Facebook.

“We’re willing to do the time…We’re turning ourselves in because we know it wasn’t right,” said the young girls.

The two girls claim the the attack was a retaliation, but police aren’t buying it. Of course, they have the video evidence to support that feeling.

You can check out a portion of the video inside the local news broadcast below:

Last year, in a much more brutal but similar incident, three men were charged with first-degree murder after they beat a 62-year-old disabled man to death and then posted the video to Facebook.

  • http://yahoo alina

    people these days dnt think straight. like atleast if yhr gunna beat someone like tht done post it on facebook. or even on any website wuut so ever. or yhu know wuut its also wrong to beat someone yhu must have a reason but just talk it out don’t go beating and thts why yhu got arrested

  • Alex