Ted Nugent On Election: The Best Of His Twitter Feed

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Ted Nugent has been overwhelmingly vocal about President Obama’s first term, and it looks like that’s not about to change now that America has elected him to serve again.

The rocker and hunting enthusiast has been tweeting up a storm lately about where he thinks the country is going and why, and many of his views have caused other Twitter users to chime in, but mostly because they disagree.

Earlier this year, Nugent got himself into some hot water by saying, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Since it’s frowned upon in a big way to say anything remotely threatening about the president, Nugent was treated to a sit-down with the Secret Service, where they questioned his words to find out if he was a danger to the man they protect. Luckily for him, they decided he wasn’t, but if he keeps up his Twitter feed this way, he may garner some negative attention once again.

Ted Nugent On Election: The Best Of His Twitter Feed
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  • Rmal

    Ted who??? Oh yea, cat scratch-30-year old -quasi hit-over the hill-ahole.

  • mike

    Hey Ted,The people you are complaining about sucking america dry are the same people you made your millions off of. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  • Donald

    Ted Nugent is a Moron only good song he every sing was cat scatch fever
    he just one of thoses clowns who believe that every animals need to be shot and hang on his wall how would like someone shot him and hang on a wall MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORON

    • Eric Paulsen

      You might want to concider the the parable about glass houses and stones.

    • Nijo

      Strangle Hold was better. Nice slow jam with intensity.

  • Rick

    Go TED, THE good part of America,stands with you;good job!!

    • Julie

      Your a court jester just like this guy.

    • Chuck

      So Rick – about that new job Teddy hired you to do – the one when you’re on your knees, mouth wide open, him facing you with his pants down to his ankles. Are you really enjoying giving his pants snake a warm mouth bath on command? Do you swallow his snakes venom or does he let you spit it out? I guess you gotta do what you gotta do for a job. Times must be tough for you these days.

      • kk

        Chuck your comment shows just how stupid and sick you are.

  • Cat

    I had the incredible misfortune to work for Nugent for two years, 2004-06. He is a misogynistic, lying sociopath who’d bed his grandmother if she fell asleep. His rants were legendary, as were his alcoholic stupors. He was never far from his precious weapons, and was quick to make sure folks knew he’d use tham on (insert any racial slur here). However, I had the incredible good luck to see a former employee knock his moronic ass into next week when Nugent made a comment about the employee’s wife. I’d pay a fortune to see it again. Ted’s a waste of space and oxygen.

    • Carl

      I heard the story about Nugent getting his ass kicked from a friend who worked for a stage company in Detroit. Glad to hear it really happened, and isn’t an urban legend. Sounds like he needs it kicked again.

    • shawn

      Uncle Ted does not drink and is not racist. he is a Great American, unlike you and your good pal karl marx… i mean obama

      • http://webpro dixie

        Shawn-I agree with you-too bad there are not more true Americans with the backbone to stand up for this country-the way the God fearing patriots that fought to make this the greatest country in the world did. I’m sure they roll over in their grave to see what has happened to this country now. What happened to our social security?? Americans that have paid in all their lives and planned to have it there when their time came to retire-now Obama is giving it away to anyone and everyone with their hands out-they don’t have to even bother to learn our language or show any respect for our country but expect us to support them. What I really don’t understand is why they don’t want to learn our language and our customs-why would you want to hold on to the customs you had in a country you couldn’t wait to get out of-if you want the benefits of living here respect our beliefs and customs-if you don’t want to do that-go back to the place that means so much to you.

    • I walk among you

      He sounds just like my redneck neighbor! Hated by the entire neighborhood and got his butt kicked more than a few times! These kind of guys never learn.

    • Terry

      YOU WERE PROBABLY ONE LAZY WORKER THAT THOUGHT THE BOSS OWED YOU EVERYTHING. Probably one of the reasons you no longer work for him.

  • Stacy

    He can say whatever he wants, spelling it is another matter.

  • Kathy

    Obama has you in a strangle hold baby…lol….and I love it

    • Linda

      No Kathy, Obama has us ALL in a stranglehold. Have any of you Liberals ever heard of Freedom of Speech?

  • greg

    Freedom of speach and relig. dont forget!!!!

  • rich

    Ted is right on message. This county is literally spiritually and fiscally in big trouble. I think of Obama as Robin Hood. Take from the rich and give to the poor. Those who have worked hard must now give even more for the poor. I would give more to the poor if I really thought it would end up feeding the poor. Also, why is contraception a health care issue? I have to pay for people to have sex? What is the illness that is being treated? How can we vote for killing babies. Good luck to those who voted for him. Let me know how it worked out for you in the next four years!

  • troy

    If anyone takes this clown seriously, you yourself need to take a good long look in the mirror and self assess your own character…

  • Cataline

    Hey Ted U r nothing but a old grumpy has-been racist go away to the woods and hunt ur dinner and choke on it

  • http://Yahoo Terry Jordan

    I am of the belief that America has made a horrendous mistake putting this man back in office. He has not brought our men and women in service home as he said he would. Oh sure, he has brought a few back to make himself look good for his reElection. He has not lowered college loan inerests as he said he would. He claims to want to created renewed energy but has discontinued many, many drilling contracts.He claimed to get unemployment under 6% but it still very close to 8%. He claimed to create jobs. WHERE? Theres still over 20 million out work. And lastly he claims he will not change the constitution but yet attacks our second ammendment rights. A true american would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER try to take away what so many men and women have faught and died to protect. SHAME ON YOU MR. OBAMA.

  • Chuck

    Like anyone takes seriously a guy who dumped all over himself to avoid the draft. If he is serious, then he should do what he said he’d do if Obama gets relected. Either leave the country, wind up in jail, or wind up dead. Your choice Teddy Boy. Personally I like all 3 – How about this – you leave the country, then come back to be arrested, and then die in jail from getting gang banged while awaiting trial! Now that, I’d pay to see!

    • kk

      like obama said he wouldn’t run again when every single thing he promised he did not do?

  • George

    Ted (the jackass) Nugent told a crowd of NRA members that if Obama is reelected that he, Ted Nugent, would either be dead or in prison within a year. It sounded to me like a call for violence. Now, I do not want to see Ted dead, nor anyone else for that matter, but the prison idea appeals to me as it would relieve my mind that Ted would not get himself shot in an assassination attempt, assuming Ted went to jail soon! I know that the Secret Service interviewed Ted after this earlier outrageous rant and said that they were satisfied with what he had told them. As for me, I am not the least bit satisfied! What could he have said to satisfy them? Could it have gone like this??? TED: “Oh, Mr. Secret Serviceman, I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just acting, you know, just jacking up my “brand” as a tough guy. I am really a pussycat and I voted for Obama. Just playing to the audience…entertainment, you know?” AGENT IN CHARGE: “In other words you’re totally phony, full of S**T and a moron to boot!” TED: “That’s right, total fraud, that’s me.” AGENT IN CHARGE: “Well, OK then. Since you have such a low I.Q. and might hurt yourself or others with a gun someday you should remember what the NRA’s Eddy Eagle says, “ If you see a gun do not touch, leave the area and tell an adult”. I sure hope that our friend, Ted, follows this advice.

  • kk

    A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.-Geo Washington.

    Barrack Obama- Arms salesman of the year!

    I have MS and a hand tremor that the san andreas fault would envy, but I now feel I need to be armed.I was always ambivelent about arms, but now I realize we are in the same position the people were in during the Revolutionary War and prior. Only now, it IS our own government. Reading things that our founding fathers said, they were truly prophetic. It seems like they saw all this coming, and tried to warn us. I went to vote on a day my MS was acting up and happened to get there at a time that a very over happy Obama supporter came out, she had 3 young men with her I assume were her sons, She came right up to me, in my face, and said you’re white, but you better be votin for the right man, you hear what I saying. I reported her to the polling reps but she was gone when they went out. I voted and left. Man was I shaking. I posted what had happened to me, and read about the black panthers back east. I just said people, let people vote. and the responses I got back scared me more than my MS diagnosis. Some peope told me to go hurry up and die of my MS, they called me a liar. They said I deserved it because of what the black people had endured in the past. Only one person, said they were sorry I went thru that. If this is what the kind gentle liberals are, I want no part of it. I have always believed that all people were good and capable of great things, felt compassion for every wrong that has happened since the dawn of man. and now I am considered a racist, a mind washed Repub?(playground bully word, they come up with because they have no facts) ( I have no political affiliation). A “Faux” news junkie (don’t watch Fox, know they are good though). I took the time to learn about Obama, I read his book. didnt sleep for weeks. Thought no way was my fellow countrymen stupid enough to vote for him, that was 08, they had 4 years of him, and have blamed everything wrong on prior presidents, altitude and again the Repubs blocking their great man. I have lost respect and hope for this country.

    • George

      You missed a “K” in your name. Racist pig.

      • kk

        Go ahead and show your stupidity. I am no longer bothered by it. the only racism I have seen in the past few mths seems to be from blacks. I have marched in equal rights rally’s I have supported everything I can to make this country equal, and your insults mean nothing to me. you will face your maker at the end of days

      • kk

        what a kind caring liberal you are. can’t think of any facts so you resort to your playground bully words). also a sign of an extremely low IQ. I forgive you and feel sorry for you.

    • Bryant

      What does Ted know about hard work…he play in a freaking band…this guy never did a hard days work in his life…give me a break

  • Jill Ed

    Republicans are ridiculous. They are the ones that put George W. in office. Enough said.

    • kk

      I would take Bush over the satanic anti-american YOU helped put in the WH any day. ( and I am not Republican)

  • http://wht3smom terri thompson

    I am cheering on the destruction of America! Voting for scum says it all.You going to be broke on wealfare with junky 3hore bag kids looking for more dope. Hey looking for understanding. Apprently america is nothing but freaks needing dope and just sit there while th nation hits rock bottom. it’s coming. you will never pay for you debts scums

    • P HILL

      Ted, Obama won pay up now. My thick black long cock is waiting to release its juices into your mouth. And anyone who like Ted can lick my dingleberries out of my ass

    • http://KissAssTedNugget smooth

      In a nut shell if you don’t like where the US is at currently! There is the Door don’t let hit you in the ASS on the way out! And I’m including the PUSSY know as TED NUGENT! I like your music, but you are dumber than shit!

    • http://ken kenneth

      right on

  • v

    this idiot cant even spell words correctly. what a retard

  • Chuck

    Dear Santa – what I want for Christmas is to read where Ted shot his mouth off one more time and went way over the line. Then the Secret Service hauls him away to a federal prison where the only sunlight he sees is piped in to him, and the only “critters” he sees have 2 legs and want to make him their own personal Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.

  • Ed

    Dont worry about all these negative comments from these left wing progressive liberal Ozombies. When they lose there jobs and homes and have nothing to eat or drink just like the ones in New York at this moment I will sit back with you and laugh my ass off while they watch us eat our deer steaks and the food we have raised on our own land. When they beg for something I will just tell them to go ask there President for it. Believe me this will come to pass sooner than you dumbass liberals think so laugh now because me and Ted and the rednecks like us will have the last laugh!!!!

    • Chuck

      Hey there, Ed there, do you know the difference there, between there and THEIR? Obviously you missed skool that day there, Ed there, ya know there!

      You’re too stupid to be allowed to vote there, Ed.

      Enjoy that deer steak there, Ed there, you know there.

      Ed, you’re so stupid it’s funny.

  • Danil

    Go Ted!! Piss off the rest of you assclowns as you support obamie!!

  • j_b

    GO TED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • george french, Jr.

      Uncle Ted work on that weasel, someone needs to take charge and manage this situation.

      • shawn

        You are some ignorant sorry trailer trash assholes!!!!!!!

    • http://WebProNews B Jones


    • Chuck

      j_b – I agree with you. GO TO HELL, TEDDY!

  • http://jeffboule.wordpress.com Jeff Boule

    I think the time my wife saw Nugent with Damn Yankees, he climbed to the top of an amp stack and FELL off and landed flat on his face (she said the guitar made the best noise ever) his brain must have shook lose from the stem and he is operating off of impulse/instinct ever since.
    This guy has been spewing radical, right wing, near-racist comments for years now (ever since his musical career went belly-up) and people stopped taking him seriously. The less we cared what this hypocrite had to say, the more he (or his agent/manager/handler) realized that he might have a shot at relevance if he starts spouting his insane rants only ramped up a few hundred notches.
    He spent years womanizing as a “rock-star” and when that ended he came out as a gun slinging bow hunting right wing extremist. If he were in any Middle Eastern country, you know what we would call someone like him? Terrorist!
    All he needs now is a bible and a haircut and he can hang around with Rush Limbaugh, Jim Baker and W. Bush.

    • Kyle

      you sound like some homo lovin fag! If you do not like Ted then go and listen to Barbra S. or Katy P. FYI – Ted is from the great state of MI where he was born and raised on hunting. This did not happen over night! While your father was teaching you how to scam the country with all the entitlements, tax the rich and cut back on the military, Ted was learning to hunt and survive. Tell you what…..lets place a wager you vs. Ted on survival……my money’s on Ted.

  • http://Yahoo Steve Edstrom

    Hey Ted, some of us citizens are behind you all the way, buddy. I’m just as disgusted as you!!!!

    • David Davids

      Let me guess Steve…..your extent of education is high school, you work part time, live in your parents basement, and are still a virgin at 36!

  • http://Yahoo Tim

    Everyone that voted for the half breed should loose everything they have and for there children to be gay. Go Ted true Americans appreciate your stance!

    • Snowman

      Tim, learn how to post an intelligent comment with some substance and come back. You are a moron racist POS.

    • shawn

      Tim your a fuckin coward!!!!! I’m sure you don’t talk that bullshit outside the safety of your fuckin computer. Dumb ass trailer park fagot!!!!!

    • Chuck

      Timmy – I’m sure you know all about being gay. So tell us, does Teddy taste like wild game?

  • krumpsbrother

    why does everybody have to make this about race just because you didnt vote obama does not mean your racist ther are plenty of worthless people out there of all races and all of them are the ones that piss me off not just a select few and if people dont like obama’s policies or views and want him out of office this is america and they have that right its ignorent to vote for someone just because there black because you buy into this we have to move the country “forward” stuff someone in his campaign came up with thats what i have to say with my freedom of speech have fun making fun of me with yours im sure some of you will
    F.is for fighting
    R.is for red ancestors blood in battels was shed
    E.we elect them
    E.we eject them in the land of the free and the home of the brave
    D.for your dying
    O.your oveture
    M.they will covor your grave with manure
    this spells out freedom wich means nothing to me as long as there’s a P.M.R.C.

    • mike

      hey if your going to steal lyrics from megadeth then give them the credit

      • krumpsbrother

        not trying to steal anything just tought it sounded apropreiat im sure alot of people on here have never heard it and just thought they should

        • krumpsbrother

          by the way everybody the freedom thing i wrote is from megadeths “so far so good so what” album and its the chorus from a song called “hook in mouth” everyone should check it out how’s that for credit where its due good enough for you mike

  • http://Yahoo Jaygee

    I’ll take him at his word so when can I expect this idiot to move out of the U.S. or just kill himself?

    • Chuck

      Lets hope soon – VERY SOON!

  • David Kruk

    What a j.O.

  • Chris Hennesse

    I support you Ted! Rock On!

    • Chuck

      What is that you do on Nugents payroll again – something with your mouth while on your knees and Teddy has his pants down around his ankles? Nasty job, but you seem to be enjoying it.

  • http://yahoo.com bobsgarge

    thanks for freedom of speech

  • jp

    SHUT YOUR FACE YOU DRAFT DODGING JACKASS!You dont believe in fighting when your country called so you lost the right to say anything.You should be in jail!

  • Kyle

    I was in shock and heart broken that we are now out numbered. I see nothing good for our children’s future that can come from this. From the great country that we once were we will soon be just like one of the other broke 3rd world countries looking for handouts and entitlement. Sad, very sad. Never give give up your guns….you are going to need them.

    • dwayne belton

      follow ted and do yourself…

    • http://KissMyAssTedNugget smooth

      Entitlement? Bull Shit we pay for this stuff! You dip shit!

      And the wealthy pay much lower percentage of income! But use more resource normally.

      So in nut shell stop try to get something for free!

      Also I’m sick of crap about wealthy people working harder that’s crap too! Most wealth is inherited!

      So lets get something strait being wealth is a privilege! It’s not a right!

      And I want your problems!

    • Chuck

      It’s Bush & DICKHEAD Cheney’s fault.

      • kk

        oh chucl you are so good at delivering your evil rulers rhetoric. He will surely give you a high place in hell. you clever clever boy. and obviously you have enough time on your side to be at his beck and call, unemployed, unemployable, whatever. you are you sad little person. You are Obamas puppet.so proud of yourself.

    • David Davids

      Hey Kyle how are u out numbered…..do you mean your nationality…..are u anti Obama because of his race….are u afraid of eqaulity or just want to keep it like it was for centuries….better jobs….better opportunities, better schools, the world has changed get on board and open up your heart, no human being should have an advantage over the next merely because the color of his skin.

      • kk

        outnumbered by morons kyle is , definitelhy. nothing to do with nationality. Being American used to mean something, but no more. No matter what your issue is, they will pin you to a race card. yes, the world has changed and it is ugly and will not last long. weak people ,weak concepts, skin color means nothing except to the people who hold on to the past. no way to move on. all people are beutiful and hopeful and capable of such beautiful things. I have been falsly labeled and has destroyed my whole life of belief, but I still feel anyone capable of love regardless can move on. I am too tired to go too much further. but hope truth and love will out. so sorry we have left you any issues to hash out. should just be hey you are here, and you are wonderful, no thought of anything you have been born from or taught to believe, just that you are here to make things right. whatever that turns out to be. don’t let them twist your words. keep true and in gods hands. bless you. all gods children

  • http://KissMyAssTedNugget smooth

    Please leave or kill yourself TED!

    • Chuck

      Preferably kill yourself, Teddy. However, do Trump first then do yourself.

  • Caligula

    Ted, I’ve been saying that this country is filled with brainwashed morons for the past 4 years, the election proved I was correct. How do you elect an idiot with NO business experience, NO foreign policy experience, NEVER held a real job, was A HUGE drug user, and with an uncountable number of friends that are COMPLETELY anti-American, THEN, watch him nearly bankrupt the country, put us into unrecoverable debt, eradicate our military, our space program, almost eliminate our nuclear weapons(while the rest of the world has doubled and tripled theirs), doubled and tripped the price of gas and the cost of living, while significantly cutting salaries, putting us on the same path as Europe and Greece, AND THEN… THEY RE-ELECT HIM TO MAKE IT EVEN WORSE!!! Go figure it out, cause I sure can’t. Looks like the movie Idiocracy was true after all.

    • drg

      If you dislike the leaderdhip of this country so much, why don’t you fuckin leave, ya asshole!

    • Chuck

      Caligula – you just described George W perfectly!

    • apple pie

      wow calugula, or is that “cunnalingus”…so well stated.
      Yes, they did elect him twice after all of the idiocy and turmoil HE put this country through. What an idiot he turned out to be…good thing was only in the white house for 8 years and not more. Otherwise there is no telling what damage PRESIDENT BUSH would have done.

      • kk

        so you give satan the same 2 years, see what you reap from that.

  • Joe

    I use to love you (Ted), but it’s all over now !
    I’m not Joe…I’m a female…who finds you to be beyond ridiculous, paranoid and well, waaayyyy to negative….try to look at the bright side, ya ole fool, relax !! People who work hard at not twanging a guitar…makin’ peanuts instead of millions like you….know how to simply relax ! And well, you offensiveness use to be sexy when you were younger…now, you sound like a borish old whining geeser ! Go away !

    • Joe

      opps…type o’s…whatever…

      btw, Terrible ! Who made you?

      Did you build that?

      Or was it just maybe…YOUR FANS !!

      Go away and get some gratitude !

    • http://yahoo richard terry

      you fools you have sealed the fate of western civilization.your children ,religion,you scoff at god’s law !u show your fear of lib’s i’m not sure but u may have laid the ground for the anti-christ i urge isreal to strike quickly and go nuke!may god save us from the coward yankees vote! and their persian aliance! lets not to for gen. betrayus!! big bird headed headed to hawaii yet getting cold around washington! ask sandy victims!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dwayne belton


    • Dave

      Ted is exactly right. This freakin idiot is leading all you stupid sheep right off the cliff. When you finally bankrupt the government and people hit the streets to riot and plunder you idiot ass liberals will be the first ones to get your throats cut by the very people you provided free government assistance to. Mark my words.

    • Chuck

      GREAT MESSAGE DWAYNE! I TOTALLY AGREE. Man up Teddy. Keep your promise or you ain’t squat!

    • kk

      obama promised he would stop his bid for presidency if couldn’t fulfill his promise. fell so short of promise it is almost pathetic, yet here he is again, and here you all are again, backing him. sort of like that horror movie that never ends. peae be with you and your choices you have made.

  • Real Hunter

    Hey Ted. How many bullets does it take to kill a deer behind a fence.
    I guess a 20 or 30 round clip.

  • Matthew

    The Founding Fathers were moderates defending themselves from radicals.. that burned our churches down.
    Ted is a Patriot.
    Young people have no idea what foreign influenced system they just voted in.
    They have no idea what the sacrifice of 1,000,000 Americans during WWII was for.
    They have no idea what Women living or dying under Shari law or what it is liked to have forced abortion of their baby girls in China.
    Freedom requires MEN to stand up against Gov out of control.
    The swing vote moderates have been intimidated by the “mob rules” tactics of the left and brainwashed by the liberal media.

    “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”
    Thomas Jefferson

    That is not radical… that is what it takes to remain free.
    Stand firm Ted.

    • Paul

      Sadly, this was not an unexpected revelation as so many believe. Romney was a flawed candidate but would have man an awesome president. Once he selected Paul Ryan as VP it was all over. He should have selected Marc Rubio. Everyone believed he would but he didn’t. He would have been more competitive because he would have gained more of the Latino vote. It is not very often an incumbent is unseated as president. It does happen and by all right it should have considering Obama is the ONLY president to be re-elected with unemployment being as high as it is and an economy that’s in the toilet. He blames the previous administration but fails to communicate that the democrats had a hand in creating part of the mess on Bush’s watch. Bush was working with a democratic senate who pushed for the poor to qualify for mortgages. We all know the story from there. The independent voter people gave Obama the benefit of the doubt. Also, the poor turned out in huge numbers. Most of which are on some form of government assistance and they want that check to keep coming in. Things will only worsen under this administration. Hopefully the republican congress can blunt some of the damage?

    • Chuck

      Even Viagra and a penile pump couldn’t keep Teddy firm these days. Why don’t you try giving him a warm mouth bath and maybe that might help him get firm.

    • Chuck

      Even a large dose of Viagra, a penile pump, and a collection of porn magazines couldn’t get Teddy firm. Why don’t you give him a warm mouth bath and see if that will help.

    • Mike

      Great post Mathew. I agree with you 100 per cent. The people that voted in obama have no idea what it is to be a patriot. I’m quite sure they got some kind of warped definition of the word from our esteemed universities. If they had any idea of the tyranny our ancestors lived under before the revolution, they may think twice. If they understood that freedom and liberty has cost our nation millions of lives, they may not be so arrogant with this so called victory. I believe that the mob thinking that surrounds them now will never let them think clearly again. I fear for what is going to happen to this country now. Please Mathew….please get yourself and your family to safety when it all starts. This country will need patriots like you and me , that remember true history, to help rebuild this great nation.
      May God bless the republic.

  • Regina Shenker

    I cry for my country.

    • Chuck

      Okay – blow your nose too and wipe it all on your sleeve. There now, feel better?

  • craig

    Ted for Pres !!!!!!

    • Chuck

      Of WHAT? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

  • Bill Lee

    I really was disappointed when BO was relected for a second term!! But our Lord Jesus Christ has a plan for the end of time! I want you all to know our God is still in control!! The war has already been won!!! I ask all of you to put you faith in God, he will never fail the ones who believe in him!!! Just remember Mr. Obama one day will bow before our God and our God will judge him on all non Christian thinks he has been doing to our country, our country was started by men that were Godly men, cause they knew for this country to never fall, it had to be this way!!! I just wonder when Obama saids God bless America does he really mean it??? If he says it but don’t mean it, all I can say is God have mercy on his soul!!!!

    • David Davids

      Are u done with your religious rant…..let me guess you either live in the woods or in a trailor.

      • dale

        its so sad to think your way or the high way.bush made mistakes and obama has too. a dependent society on welfare because they dont want to work is sad.and the rich not paying there fair share in taxes is a joke too.we need an independent to care for both sides.no one person is write all the time.

  • Brian

    So sick of hearing sore losers whine about the election. Mitt Romney was the best you had to offer? I personally fought for this country and it sickens me to hear anyone bash this country. I fought for your right to vote. Just curious how many of you stepped up and served this country? No one is keeping you hostage here. Go ahead and find someplace better……..good luck!!!

  • James

    I thought Ted N was going to leave America if Obama got reelected? IS he gone yet?

  • willy the wmp nugent

    Ted nugent is a pdophile the worste form of scum there is.Just google it.

  • http://WebProNews Tim

    Not to worry Mr Nugent. Mouthy idiots like you and Mr Pumkin Head Trump will, most likely, be around to spew your mindless rants for a long,long time to come. That is, unless you go completely off the deep end and turn one of your many weiner extenders on yourself. Again, don’t be concerned. As the old saying goes,”Only the good die young”

    • samcox

      You fought in the service for NOTHING if you think you can get a fair election anywhere by allowing people to vote without showing a proper ID. Are you really that naive or simply drank too much Democratic kool aid. Don’t you realize how lame the “disenfranchisement of voters” excuse is when you think that all of us, every single one of us needs a photo ID to cash a check, buy a beer, get a loan, get unemployment or food stamps, (not racist) because people of all races fall into unemployment and food stamps so get off that crutch. You fought to protect us and keep us free yet you do not care if people are voting who do not deserve to (illegals and any one) who wants to commit fraud. Its been done and its been proven. You mention your daughters and legislation of their bodies. Another lame ass excuse to get women to vote for someone against the “good of the country” by putting a non issue over so many critical things like national security, economy, trade deficits, unfair trade practices by foreign countries, homeland security, defense budgets, etc… Now before your head explodes, the reason I call the women thing a non issue
      is this. Abortions and every other woman’s so called issues have been addressed and passed into law for years. No one with any sense really believes Roe Vs Wade can or will ever be over turned. But certain people use it each election to make many women forget every single other important issue to vote against who ever is the scape goat at the time who is being accused of wanting to put women back in the stone ages. Anyone who believes that stuff and votes based on it can believe some evil politician is also planning to take the freedom away from some folks and make them slaves in this day and age. People – please use some common sense and quit falling for all the scare tactics and get informed and vote based on some real legit issues. Not foolishness you heard on Rush Limbaugh or from some stupid ass GOP who says crazy things about rape and abortion. No one is taking women’s rights away but we will all lose out freedom if we keep making those silly scare tactics dictate who we vote for.

  • Big

    I, too, fought for this country. I voted for Obama because I have two daughters, and the GOP is trying to legislate their bodies. I also voted for Obama because I saw the GOP, governors and all, trying to suppress votes for Democrats, minorities, and any groups that would vote Democratic. To use legislation to suppress votes is about the most un-American thing you can do. I fought too hard for people to have that right. You hear that, Ted?

    • SlappingBig

      Big, I fought for this country as well and that doesn’t give you the right to demand that me and every other American pay for your daughters birth control, abortion, or morning after pill. It’s that simple. My 17 year old daughter says buy your own damn birth control or close your legs. As for voter supression, I need a photo ID to register a car, get a loan, use my credit card but something as important as voting we should just accept that people say who they are? I can’t believe you were in the service fighting for free abortions and voter fraud.

  • A G

    49 year old Canadian here who has always dug the Nuge … well, his tunes, anyway …. I respect the “American Way’ of freedom of speech …. think maybe Ted takes it too far … he of all people should respect his countrymen’s decision to choose whomever they want as a leader … sorry, Ted, don’t dig you anymore… you’re nothing more than a hypocrite.

  • Doug

    I’ve been around long enough to have seen Ted back in the day when he was just another guy with a guitar, he was only mildly amusing (or talented). Why anyone in this day and age with an IQ above 10 would listen to anything this blithering idiot would say is beyond me. He’s just a s**t talking punk.

    • Chuck


  • William Blye

    These celebraties need to be told what they need to do, so:

    Donald Trump come on now the United States needs to get back to its manufacturing base and if you are going to DC, then have a permit to assemble a crowd in public. I personally would rather see you go there with a plan to help rebuild American manufacturing, a plan to create jobs that the United States needs, to promote a plan to end borrowing money from the Social Security Administration to pay for illegal immigrants…can you at least do these things, Donald?

    Ted Nugent, you need to check into a local hospital and seek help because you have thoughts of suicide. One other question, Ted, how many of those followers of yours are eligible to vote?

    Karl Rove, you do not need to ask any of those (supposedly) 250,000 followers if you are eligible to vote.

    Victoria Jackson you need help almost as much as Ted Nugent. My gosh, on twitter, according to the article above you just alienated yourself from the Christians, the Muslims, the same sex marriage people, and you think “America died”, “RIP America”. Please if you do not have health care insurance and you cannot afford health care, do not wait for “Obamacare” – check into a hospital and seek the mental health care immediately.

    Rush….you got your fairytale stories mixed up….it was Robin Hood….now do what Victoria and Ted need to do.

  • otto

    that fucking ted is an asshole, hes not the great hunter, they those animals rounded up in a fenced in area but the camera angles dont show them. so the great white hunter is a fake. and dont forget he got busted for poached an animal in canada and got busted for it hes a waste, can’t take what he says as anything but bullshit. how he leaves

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