Taylor Swift Sued For Keeping Millions After Canceled Event

    February 23, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Taylor Swift has always seemed like an untouchable princess in the world of celebrities; she may have a long list of boyfriends and songs about said boyfriends, but in the end it doesn’t matter because she’s Taylor Swift. She has long, Venus-like hair and probably never does anything as gauche as perspire or belch. That’s why, when news made it’s way around the web that she was being sued, her collective fan base perked their ears up like a confused Scooby-Doo.

Swift is indeed being sued by Florida-based FIRE USA, Inc., a ticket company which claims she accepted $2.5 million in advance of a concert in Canada that was eventually canceled and then never rescheduled a performance. Their claims came only after they were on the receiving end of another lawsuit by Evo Merchant Services, a credit card company looking to cover the losses they suffered after thousands of ticket holders demanded refunds.

Reps for Swift say she didn’t make a deal with the ticket company, however, and that she hasn’t seen the lawsuit yet. It might be a while before this one is resolved.

Of course, there are some–including One Direction fans–who appear to be unsympathetic…

  • http://yahoo robert

    that is the best news today ha taylor swift sued she aint nothing anyway cant sing a lick put her in her place

  • http://yahoo robert

    she cant sing a lick sue the pants off her put her in her place she thinks she is so high and mighty ha

    • brittany

      thank you!

  • Rachel

    Be careful Canada. If you piss her off she will write a humiliating song about you. It’s the only way she knows how to make money.

    • Mickey Garlock

      They already have one, it’s called “Oh Canada”

    • laura

      I’ll never understand how she could make it bigtime after I heard her sing LIVE on some morning show weeks ago.
      Yes, she’s pretty, minus the voice, which is at best squeeky.

      Sure, I too am jealous of her, Ted….Watch out, or she’ll memorialize you too in a song….

      • http://yahoo tella


    • http://yahoo tella


  • Ted

    First off, sound like Amanda and a lot of others on here are extremely jealous of Taylor Swift and should be – she’s a hit and they are at best wannabees!

    Secondly, I doubt if any celeberity who does road shows hasn’t been sued for this same thing. SO no news as far as I am concerned.

  • Chris

    Taylor Swift is “Mean”… just like her song.

  • http://yahoo tella


  • Mike

    Taylor Swift can come and sing at my Birthday Party any time she want’s.

    • http://yahoo tella


  • http://yahoo tella


  • Tom

    No one makes $2.5 million for one show. The entire gate for the show would not be that much even if 50,000 people bought tickets. The numbers don’t add up – there has to be a lot more to this than just one show.

    Even if 20,000 came to one show (and that would be an overflow crowd at most arenas) and the tickets were $50 each (which is pretty high even for Taylor Swift), that only comes to $1M. The there is the stadium fees, rental, and staff costs not to even add in all the promotion costs and other costs invloved in setting up the show/stage.

    Most likely, the promotion company or another intermediary has the money and not Swift. Would always be nice if the media would actually get ALL the details before running with an incomplete story.

    • sam

      I have seen how much her tickets cost, around 100 dollars. some cost less, some cost more. 50, 000 people at 100 dollars each is 5 Million..so yes, it is possible for her to get 2.5 million from one show!

  • Audimo

    I actually thought the same thing (the dude who said she is “mean”)…I like her, I like her songs. That being said, why does it never work out for her??? She’s gone through more guys in such a short period that a lot of people her age…there has to be a point where SOMEONE has to think, maybe it’s her, not them…

    • Audimo

      And I don’t mean to be “mean” :) it’s just, I thought this about her after Michael J Fox said, “Taylor, stay away from my son!” LOL Love that dude! I think she’s talented and obviously smart enough to make it big, even if she is nasally (not squeaky…like some other dude commented).

  • http://webpronenews ca

    You people are so funny! I hear green eyed monsters in every comment so far. Green with envy! Do you have a singing contract? Do you have her money? Do you tour the world with a band? If you answered NO to any of these questions then who are you to dis her! If you dont like her music—-Dont buy it. Surly you realize we have made MANY PEOPLE

    • sunny


    • sam

      Well, now. She gets all her money from the people, if it werent for people buying the tickets, she wouldnt have as much money as she does, so SHE dissed THEM by keeping the money that she didnt earn.

    • B A

      Whether or not I buy her music is beside the point. Just because I avoid buying it doesn’t mean I can avoid hearing it. It also doesn’t mean I can avoid hearing complaints about illegal downloading and greedy corporations bringing down music, when it’s people like Taylor Swift and fans like you.

      The point is that the bar is set so low and people like you reinforce it. I mean, according to you, it’s all about money. And when someone has enough money, it automatically invalidates because “they are just jealous.” Stupid.

  • Greg

    Taylor is changing she`s not our little country girl anymore she thinks she`s to good for us now, she wants to be a pop queen that`s fine but she want last in that world and this law suit is the start of things to come. Its like my grandpa use to say don`t get above your raisein!

  • Bill

    Every one of these e mail comments seems to have been authored by an illiterate moron.
    Instead of concerning themselves with Taylor Swift, a highly literate, intelligent, hard working
    woman they should be trying to figure out how not to appear so ignorant.

    • Audimo

      HAHA hello, pot!

    • What now?

      So, she’s so awesome and talented…does that mean she can steal money and it’s okay?

    • paul

      Bill you ignorant ass…wake up and smell the free air..people are entitled to their opinion…just like you,you love stricken dog…lmao…

    • Samica

      Taylor Swift being described as “highly literate” and “intelligent” is pretty funny. She’s clearly not emotionally mature, is incapable of censoring herself to any degree, and changes men almost as often as she changes her underwear. She also basically ripped a couple million dollars off the Canadians and made no move to return the money or reschedule her appearance. It seems she’s not very “hard working” either. The word “unethical” comes to mind.

  • sunny

    i would love to slap that permanent smirk rite off her face. but better yet i hope CHER gets a hold of her and says her famous line about herself which is so true ‘FOLLOW THIS YOU BIACH”

  • http://webpronews.com Me

    “confused Scooby-Do” LOL!

  • charles

    taylor swift is a hack.she,s popular 4 now but will be washed up in a few years.songs in which she preforms never last.it isnt like she up there with the stones,zepplin or gratful dead.she will be hanging out wity the likes of boys to men,vanilla ice,new kids on the block,ect.then we wont have to hear about her anymore.thank god!!!

    • Joe

      The same Led Zepplin that stole songs and repackaged them as their own? What high standards you keep.

  • Andrea

    She doesn’t need to keep people’s money. I’m sure it’ll all work out.

  • paul


    • Mamie

      I can’t agree with you more, Paul – she also can’t sing or play that stupid guitar she. She has outlived her “cuteness”. I wish she and Justin Bieber would run away together and never be heard of again.

    • AJ


  • Lo

    There is a God! Swift is certainly no superstar more like super joke! These so called songs are only making herself look even more pathetic.

  • B A


    @Ted First, people like to blame downloading and evil corporations for the sorry state the music industry is in. But Taylor Swift and clueless fans like you are a bigger problem. People are not jealous or wannabe’s, they are tired of hacks like this girl.

    And sorry, but most “celebrities who do road shows” do not get sued for this same thing. That’s just not even close to true.

  • anyyork

    Alot of hurtfull coments about taylor, what about the management company that holds the obligation for scheduling and for recieving the funds from said concert, should they not be the liable party ?

  • jamie

    Hello swift haters. I have 2 word for you BITE ME!!!!!!!!

    • paul

      would but don’t want to catch hoof and mouth disease…

    • Linda L

      That’s about a immature as a comment can get. Awesome fanbase, Taylor.

  • http://www.teamvinh/reality.com MK

    Maybe she can write a song about this?

  • Sylvia

    I think its funny how keeping that money shows how immature she is. Why cant she be like Carrie Underwood? Carrie tried putting on her performance even when she was sick, and after an hour she told the fans she could not continue and took all the money from that night and put it back into their community because she felt she didnt earn that money. GROW UP TAYLOR!

    • Angi

      Except Taylor Swift, like other singers, isn’t the one who makes those decisions. It would have been her business manager or promotion company, most likely the promotion company. She probably didn’t know anything about it until the lawsuit. Singers pay other people to handle these kinds of things.

      • http://yahoo alina

        I like the way yhr name is spelled 😉

  • Hope

    I honestly think that there should have been more clear guidelines. I would be honestly tempted with 2.5 million but I would have given about 90 percent of it back and kept 10 percent because of the inconvience.

    • Joe Tallarigo

      2.5 Million for 1 concert is 1/2 of what that slut Carrie Underwood made all year in 2012 … ( Carrie made 5 million in 2012 as reported by Forbes )… I guess this proves what a Haz Bin Carrie Underwood is. Carrie’s next gig will be doing lesbian porn films soon.

      • Ben

        I bet Carrie will be the azz licker lol

  • Angi

    Reality is, she didn’t make the choice to keep the money or not. Singers, aren’t really involved in that part of the business. They pay other people to take care of those things. This would be her business promotion company/manager, that made these decisions. She probably didn’t have a clue until the lawsuit.

  • Kathleen

    Do any of you nitwits realize that performers etc. have business managers and accountants? Do you think she actually handles her own checkbook? Get a life!

    • Samica

      She’s marketing herself, is she not? She’s in the position of spending/recieving money is she not? To assume she’s completely ignorant of what her business managers are doing is gullible.

      Maybe she should climb out of bed for a few minutes and be involved with her own finances.

    • http://yahoo alina

      but like its her fault if any of yhu feel tragic, don’t cuz yhr only makng it worse for yhrself but like if yhr a HUGE fane if taylor then back her up on this ine and vote of it is rite or wrong for her toget sweed don’t just post yhr feeling bout it on a website :p ~ Alina

      • http://yahoo alina

        I mite have messed up on some words for typing fast …..sorry

  • Paul

    are you all really that stupid?!?!?!

    I’m not a die hard fan..just someone who likes her music…

    do you really think that she had anything to do with this? its 100% her management team.

    • Paul

      I’m not the same Paul that commented about hoof & mouth disease..he obviously is an imature littel weenie

      • http://yahoo alina

        hahahahhhahhhaha for reals huh !??? :) haha

  • http://yahoo kelly bourlier


    • http://yahoo kelly bourlier


    • james

      its quite obvious that most of you dont know how it work with a traveling show like these. you have a promotion company and/or sponsor, they arrange the shows and staff for setup and moving. they also collect all the money from the door and outside sales such as the one here. the singer is under contract with the sponsor, they are paid either a set fee for each show or a percentage of the ticket sales. they usually dont even see any of the money from the concerts until the end. they majority of the money most of the singers make is from the sell of t-shirts and other items at their shows. they actually make very little from ticket sales, most of that money goes to the sponsor or promotion company.

  • Mel

    Are you guys serious!!! Did ya’ll read the whole article? She doesn’t even know about the law suit yet. I’m sure she has other people to take care of things like that and I don’t blame her. If I had money like her I wouldn’t want to have to deal with issues like these.

  • Bob

    After donating 1 MILLION DOLLARS CASH, to flood relief victims in Nashville, I’m pretty sure the 2.3 mill isn’t needed for this class act.
    Contracts? she doesn’t deal with, companies do. WOW, amazing how every jumps at the chance to HATE!! BUT, I would never ever ever ever, doubt Taylor Swift when it comes to her fans!

    • http://facebook Paula

      Taylor should know better. That money could go to help the survivors who lost everything from Hurricane Sandy……

  • Roger Roger

    Never did care for that girl. She can’t carry a tune in her back pocket, never could. Always sings off key in many of her songs. Like Miley Cyrus, she appeals to the younger crowd because they can sing along with her songs. Carrie Underwood views her as a disgrace to country music from the sound of it.

    • Five Finger Fore Skin


    • Larry

      I was right there with you until I got to the part about Carrie Underwood viewing her as a disgrace to country music. That’s on par with the Burger King saying that Ronald McDonald is a disgrace to fine dining. Carrie Freakin’ Underwood…the girl can sing, but she’s about as “country” as Taylor Swift.

  • C

    I’m sure Taylor herself did not keep the money. She is not the only one that plans her concert events. I’m sure that she doesn’t do anything more than suggest locations if that. Her people do the rest. She makes $750,000 per concert. If there is a money problem, start looking at her people. She has enough money on her own. 2.5 Million is nothing for her. The middle man is where that is big money. Start digging there.

  • chris

    She is talented but what she did last year didnt come up to 58 million.I was sick when I heard that.

  • Jason

    Really?? All of you are upset about this but you don’t raise heck about what our government does to us. Priorities!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig

    I honestly think Taylor should do a full frontal nude pictorial for Playboy magazine. We would all get a kick out of seeing her blonde “pubes” and then she could write a song about her experience!

    • Yasmine


      • max

        yeah… that’s not creepy at all

  • Five Finger Fore Skin

    Fools. This has nothing to do with her, or was it her decision. She needs to make a changing of the guard in her financial camp so she doesn’t get into more trouble in future!

  • tom thumb

    she said they and their money : ” are never,ever,ever getting back together”

  • Jeff

    Taylor Swift, who’s she? She hasn’t even made any movies with Burt Reynolds!

  • Bob

    Bytch whore is trying to steal people’s money! What a scum azzhole POS she is!

    • max

      Bawb has some anger issues…

  • ciara

    This is what happens when you put people on a pedestal. Also to the person bringing politics into the mix, maybe we do complain about our government, we just don’t bring it into every conversation. There’s a time and a place for everything. Also, I never liked Taylor.

  • Susan

    She’s an idiot with no talent…thinks she’s something, when she’s really nothing. I hope she gets her panties sued right off of her!! Maybe she’ll shut the ….up and quit broadcasting her failed sex life about a bunch of “boys”. She has nothin’ to brag about.

    • Linda

      I think your jelous,do not judge her.This is just media hype…If she sings about her boyfriends so what.alot of people can relate to her and I think shes awsome.Look at her accomplishments at her age.Her financial reps will fix this.She probably isn’t even aware of it….just bad press..And those of you calling her names –ha,you wish she would give you the time of day,lol

  • http://google Aver – YO

    Haha, that’s sad! She was a slut, then she was rude after it, and NOW she’s a little thief.
    I don’t feel bad for her at all.

  • Bruno

    Before you go around accusing her of Cancelling her Concert, you need to get the REAL SOLID FACTS FIRST!!!!!

  • http://facebook Paula

    Shame on you Taylor Swift. You are keeping money from a cancelled concert when you could be donating that money to starving and homeless children still destitute from Hurricane Sandy !!!!!!!! That’s just being “greedy!”

    • James

      Well that’s a stupid comment to make. She should have donated it? You should have donated the money you’re wasting on internet service if you’re just wasting it on idiotic comments. Why should she waste her money if you don’t have to?

  • http://yahoo.com Rachel

    She’s still young. She doesn’t need the money. I think this may hurt her reputation somewhat as she’s already known for going thru boyfriends like she does her underwear…I like her music, it just always seems to follow the same tune,rythym,or whatever you call it. She needs to diversify and not keep singing the same old thing.

  • http://facebook Paula

    Shame on you Taylor. that money could go to help feed and clothe the men, women and children who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy!!!! Shame, shame, shame on you!!!!!!!.

    • http://webpro Ralph

      suck my duggan Paula, you are probably just some ugly goat that is jealous of Swift because she is amazing…lol

  • dave

    Go Taylor Go…your not to blame here your agents did a no no here and it has to be apporoached with kid gloves. you the band get on the bus go do the shows in canada, fire all your iresponsible agents manangers and hire new honest people. Good reputable people. I don’t hate you eithier your one hell of an entertainer. mindless thoughtless jabs you donlt have to answer but you should look into who’s wreaking havoc with your good name! then sue there pants off..

    • Anthony Johnson


      • max

        Anthony needs a hug

  • http://www.tmrimagery.com Jay

    While I do agree that there should be legal action perhaps it should be against the ones who handle her money. Something tells me that she doesn’t schedule her events and do her own accounting.

  • Rosemary

    I knew she was trouble, so shame on her.

    • Linda

      You wish you were as good as her,no shame in this,she probably doesn’t even know about it.Well she may now know and she will not keep money intentionally like that.Its just an oversight.the funds will be returned,I am fully confident…

  • mike

    Sounds to me like she needs to examine who is in charge of these decisions. Artist’s have little to do with this issue, and right now I am sure Taylor herself is not happy about it, and is getting on it. Fans are too important to her to just cancel a show, something here sounds off and I am sure Taylor is not behind it. I am not a Taylor hater or lover, but no one should bare a wrong that their not aware of or had nothing to do with

  • Chuck

    she should lose 10X that for being a little kunt.

    • http://webpronewslife debbie


      • max

        Laugh your FAO or your little kunt… this is scatologically confusing

    • max

      Stay classy…Chuck

    • b

      You are out of line! Jealous Pig!

  • Billy Bob Thorton

    Did anyone stop and think…maybe she wasn’t aware of the advances being given? Did anyone stop and think that she is just a dumb kid from the Southern Part of the United States who got on to American Idol, lost and still found a career like a few other losers did? Did anyone stop and think that this will never hurt her reputation? Reason for it, she didn’t know about it. It is a business part of the matter that will eventually get resolved when the companies get together and realize it was an error on both sides.

    • Janice

      She is not from the Southern part of the US…She is from the North…namely Pennsylvania…thought you could diss Southerners because of her.

    • meghan

      hey billy bob, she was never on American Idol… and she is from Pennsylvania… that’s not really a “southern part” of the united states…. and YOU are going to call someone else a “dumb kid”?? ….??

    • Jay

      Ah, did you ever stop and think she might not be a dumb kid? Did you ever stop and think maybe just because she’s from the south doesn’t make her dumb? Did you ever stop and think that you know less than zilch about this “deal” and should quit preaching about what others do or don’t know?

    • kevin

      she’s a yankee not a southerner and she was never on American idol you moron

  • Layla

    Seriously everyone, you are all mad at Taylor Swift for keeping the money after a cancelled concert? Yet our own President is taking our money and not to mention our rights, from up under our noses.

    • Leoff

      That’s your defense for Ms Swift taking $2.5 million? “Obama does it, so it must be ok?” Wow…

  • Sassy

    She is young and she has reps and accountants that handle her finances and bookings, etc. We don’t know all the details, the timeframe or the circumstances other than what we’ve been told. And like I said she is still young, I know my 20 something year old son and daughter can’t even budget or balance a bank account without my help. And they definitely don’t understand what pending means, so chances are she doesn’t understand all the legal and technical mumbo jumbo yet either.

  • Sunshine

    Taylor, don’t worry about what these dumb people have to say!! It was a mistake… Everybody makes a mistakes because you are human, so if you loose all your fans b/c of this act.. don’t worry becasue I will always be your fan!!!

    • Leoff

      People do indeed make mistakes. $2.5 million dollars is not a “mistake.” (oh, and yeah, your mistake is not knowing how to spell “lose.”)

  • Steve

    Lawsuits are filed every day. Doesn’t mean the person getting sued is always guilty. Wait for the facts to come out and then decide if she is guilty of anything. In the meantime, quit looking for a reason to hate her. If you don’t like her or her music then don’t buy her records or go to her concerts. Simple solution.

  • Tracy Ross

    If it is a mistake, that’s fine…return the money. If she refuses to return the money then it’s no longer a mistake, it’s theft. Do the right thing Taylor.

  • WriteLoudly

    If any of you kids read something other than twitter feeds you would realize Taylor Swift is a business.

    A big business that has many people booking and accounting for multiple “deals”. Anyone can be sued for any reason, likewise, it is often a business tactic. I guarantee you she is likely not even aware of this issue. I would not be to quick to rush to judgement on some third-party “Canadians” based in Flordia sueing for a broken contract.

  • Anna

    There is no excuse. Even if your management handles the business side of your career you shouldn’t be stupid enough to blindly let them manage everything. She should have paid more attention and knew about that $2.5 million instead of chasing around boys.

    • Linda

      She hired the managers to keep these things legit.Its not her personally trying to steal anything.She is an artist…And she is young.Don’t judge her or bad mouth her because she is dating men.And singing about them.Any man who dates her knows they will end up in a lyric and I think its cute,and many people can relate to her.

  • Dianna

    What has Taylor Swift paying back fans got to do with Hurricane Sandy?? Even if it was settled, none of the money would go to helping the victims, it would just line the pockets of all the lawyers. Duh!!!

  • telullah

    What’s the matter with all you ppl yelling at Taylor as if she alone is responsible!? I don’t care for her, her music or her grade school attitude…but you’re deranged if you think she makes the money decisions. She probably had no idea the tickets weren’t refunded. Cool your jets and let this play out before you go pointing fingers. Artists get cheated and lied to by accountants and managers all the time, yes she should be more aware of things, but she can’t be solely to blame for something of this scale. So calm down. In spite if her whiney, vengeful ex girlfriend image, she seems like a sweet girl and I wouldn’t be surprised if she feels bad bout this and finds a nice way to make up for it.

    Ya’ll just mad cause she plays her fan base better than her guitar…she has an image and a demographic and works it perfectly. She’s young, talented and rich….so as soon she messes up you crucify her. Where’s this kind of anger and criticism for artists like Chris Brown who repeatedly shows us the he, personally, is a scummy dude? Priorities people. Quit being such predictable teenagers.

  • dorothy

    she wasn’t on american idol people!! i don’t think she sings very well, but i’m not going to bash someone i don’t know, like a lot of you are. i mean, go find something constructive to do, if you even know what that word means!

  • Steve

    I thought she was being sued for the lack of talent.

  • Greg

    Thats hillarious!I hope she gets nailed to the cross on this one!Even a Death metal/Black metal band like Cradle of Filth refuned everyone ther money after ther tour had to get cancelled recently.Too funny!

  • http://www.webpronews.com Tom Tempesta

    It’s about time this girl learns that there are consequences to her actions. All she’s learned to this point is even knowing going into a relationship that it was “TROUBLE”…. that she can still come out profiting by writing about it. I’m glad to see her finaly pay out…and rightfully she should. It certainly should’nt come from people that paid for something they never received. I hope they award double or triple damages for her deliberately holding out all the while knowing that hard working people had to fight to get that money put back on their credit cards.

    • WriteLoudly

      If any of you kids read something other than twitter feeds you would realize Taylor Swift is a business.

      A big business that has many people booking and accounting for multiple “deals”. Anyone can be sued for any reason, likewise, it is often a business tactic. I guarantee you she is likely not even aware of this issue. I would not be to quick to rush to judgement on some third-party “Canadians” based in Flordia sueing for a broken contract.

  • David

    Leave it to a bunch of No Direction fans to not be smart enough to read a full report before chiming in. The larger concert event fell through because the organizers couldn’t get it done. Taylor kept the contractual non-refundable deposit that was paid so they could use her name to promote the concert and their ticket sales. Not her fault the concert organizers couldn’t finish the job. Non-story, but once again everyone wants to see her fall. Jealous much?

  • erycka

    i think everyone needs to really find something better to do with their time …. seriously….

    • Tonya


  • Tom Bridges

    Taylor, This message may not get to you because of the complex world you live in. But, there is a group of us who have been watching your progress since day one. We are your quiet fans you will never meet or see ever in your life. We listen to your music and it sometimes makes us cry as we sit all alone in a room somewhere in the world. We feel the pain and hurt you put in the lines in those songs. Picture this 70 year old man in Somewhere, USA typing some words to a girl he will never meet. Yes, it would be great to hold you in my arms and pat you on the back as I say, “Grand-daughter, this world of ours can really be a rough go sometimes… hang in there. That worn out line, ‘What does not kill you, makes you stronger.’ Let me add to that a Marine Corps thought we used in combat,
    ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

    So stay tough beautiful… heck… write a song about all the stupid stuff in this world that we all have to put up with everyday. God Bless.

  • peter

    About time that white woman who won’t be with black men gets sued

    • C A Hawkins

      What does that mean? There are probably more people like Taylor, i.e., “Who won’t be with black men”, but that is not the issue! That was just a stupid comment! Color has nothing to do with the reason she is being sued. Please, catch up, peter, this is 2013, for goodness sake. Don’t make this a racial issue!

  • Steve Nelson

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

  • http://epicdirect@epicsurfboards.com tp

    Judged Guilty before all the facts are out, or in?
    This is why thy banned Hanging of horse thieves on circumstantial evidence , Because of all the Morons like You out there!
    Just admit it, Your all jealous as hell of Taylor’s success!
    She is just a force of Nature, She give back as much as She gets!

  • http://yahoo tmrudnicki

    shes a great singer and also very pretty leave her alone go girl

    • laethyn

      I fail to see how whether or not she is pretty or a great singer has anything to do with her keeping money she’s not entitled to.
      How would you feel if you paid for a concert ticket, then the show was cancelled. And no refund was provided? Shrug your shoulders and say “oh well, she’s pretty and a good singer. That makes it ok that I just threw away 100$”?

  • Michael

    It seems that no one really reads these articles, or understands them when they do. In the world of concerts, the concert promoter pays a substantial fee to the performer long before the concert to secure the date with them. The performer then builds that into their schedule, and the venue is held. Tickets are sold after that, generally through a third party. What has apparently happened in this case is that the concert promoter cancelled the concert – not Taylor. The tickets were refunded by the third party company, but the promoter did not cover the losses of the third party company. Taylor has nothing to do with the whole thing. The third party company is suing Taylor purely for the publicity so that they can get their losses covered.

    • http://www.yahoo.com Billy Bob

      Shut up man. No one needs a damn explanation. It is good she is getting sued.

  • Robert

    Though I don’t listen to country music or really care for Taylor Swift, Who has a fairly decent voice, I don’t believe that she is in anyway guilty of what she is being sued for. I do believe if it wasn’t for her inability to maintain a successful relationship that her career wouldn’t be where it is today because all or most of her songs are about the same thing. And to think that people accuse AC/DC of making the same album over and over again.

    She needs to experiment with some drugs, hang out in strip bars and have some bi-sexual relationships to have some new and interesting song ideas. Maybe take some song writing tips from real song writers like Maynard James Keenan, Rob Halford or even Nikki Sixx.

    • CC

      Of course she is guilty…she kept the money for a cancelled show. Even though she has people who handle her affairs, she is responsible.

      • Tonya

        so true,, its always the same,,,

      • Shauna

        what happened to innocent until proven guilty?????? People are so quick to judge these days. I would also like to add the old saying. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I really think all of the people on here that are accusing Taylor Swift of being guilty of this money deal so quickly should really wait until they have ALL of the facts.

  • Isucseed

    1. Paula, the 2.5 does not belong to her to donate to those unfortunates of Hurricane Sandy, it belongs to the fans that bought tickets, to the company that bought the tickets and to the Credit Card Company. When America fixes New Orleans, it will be your turn!
    2. Chuck, not sure how old you are, but never to early to parctice misogyny now is it! GAG!!! Aver-Yo, nothing but a HO!!!
    3. If Taylor Swift walks away from this with a lesson, let’s hope that she does terminate the people that were in charge of this embarrassing transaction and the money returned to the litigants and Fans….
    I am not a fan of Ms. Swifts but teeter freakers, lighten up and stop hating yourselves!

  • Jeremy S

    Why is everyone blaming Taylor for keeping said money? She has people who handle the money for her. Maybe they are at fault? Ever think of that?

    • CC

      Even though Swift has folks who handle her financial affairs, she was contracted and she is ultimately responsible. There is no doubt she was aware of the contracted amount and she is also aware the show was cancelled and never reschedueled. Considering she kept the money, it is only fitting she either returns it or suffers the law suit.

  • Bud and Shirley Aydlett

    Need to put some of these commenters to work !!!

  • Dan Hill Hoopes “Country Artist”

    Well it seems her bubble is going to burst but only for mere pennies of what she makes…this is the problem with the new Country Artist…they dont handle their own buisness and it always come down to I didnt know…cant take the way Nashville has closed its doors to a regular artist than these with money.Good luck fighting this one Taylor…im sure your handlers will protect you:)

  • erin

    She was one of the celebs i liked but found out shes part of illumenatti occult. sold her soul to the devil for mega success. I pray for her an the rest

  • Spunky Ned

    If he fires that shotgun, there’s going to be trouble Me thinks.

  • Paula

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person

  • Jon K

    I can only hope this overplayed, undertalented, overstated, over rated and thin voiced over hyped winey spoiled little girl just quietly goes away.. I can only hope..:)

    • Paul S


      You are blocking your feelings! How do you really feel?

      Isn’t her 15 minutes up yet?

  • Franny!

    Maybe she will write a song about this whole thing! :)

    • hepkat

      Connie, yes I have children from 7 years old to 17, and for the record I would just like to say that you have great taste in good true honky tonk and country, Hank and Patsy are always playin around my house same with Waylon, Willie, and so much more good music. That is what I play for my kids as well so at least I know there is some of us teaching our kid’s right. Kudo’s to you as well.

    • buckwheat!! ;P

      ohh lawddd, i hopeee not! i cant tht blondeee bimboo’s music alreadyyy!! i get it…yall aint getting back together…geezzusss!! >.>

      • Porky!

        LoL! She makes my ears bleed!:)

        • buckwheat!! ;P

          aint nobodyy got timee forr THAT!!

          • Porky!

            Apparently Harry Styles did!

  • Connie Perkins

    I don’t know about the legalities of this situation, but I have always wondered how she got so many fans. Is it just pedophiles that are her fans? Most of the time she looks about 12 years old on stage with the curly hair thing and all. Speaking of children, do any of her fans have kids? If so, have they ever listened to the Disney channel on the radio with their children? I used to listen. The first time I heard Taylor Swift sing I thought I had accidently tuned into the Disney channel. She sounds like every little girl I ever heard on that channel. (And yes, it is for children.) I just don’t understand how a musical genre that gave us Hank William, Patsy Cline, George Strait, Alan Jackson, etc. could make this person a “Super Star”. God help us and country music if this is what they think is great.

    • hepkat

      Connie, yes I have children from 7 years old to 17, and for the record I would just like to say that you have great taste in good true honky tonk and country, Hank and Patsy are always playin around my house same with Waylon, Willie, and so much more good music. That is what I play for my kids as well so at least I know there is some of us teaching our kid’s right. Kudo’s to you as well.

  • Tighe

    It might be a little premature to imply wrongdoing here on the part of Ms. Swift. Before evaluating her rights, one needs to first read the contract. She is such a big star that her contract might provide that she is entitled to the money received merely to clear a spot on her calendar and to be ready and willing to perform. Most complex contracts of this sort define the circumstances in which one would have to refund money or not. We do not know enough now to make a judgment. She is certainly entitled to something for making time available for the event.

  • hepkat

    I just want to say that I just don’t think the all white meat chicken mcnugget’s taste as good as the old mixed white and dark meat mcnugget’s. Also Disney buying the Star Wars franchise really is not as bad as some people make it out to be……………..Now if your wondering what the hell any of that has to do with the above article and all your retarded comment’s…..WELL IT DOESN’T…….point being, there is no point to this article it’s not news. WHO CARE’S!!! Who the hell is Taylor Swift. That crap isn’t country. Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Waylon, Willie, Merle…..now that’s country! Why do I or ANY OF YOU care if someone is suing someone else no matter who it is. If your not involved in the lawsuit on one end or the other then it’s none of our damned buisness. Move on with your live’s and let Miss Swift deal with it herself, it’s not like your opinion’s matter to the context of this subject.

  • Paul K

    Unfortunatly this article does not give all the facts, she did not cancel the show it was cancelled by the venue and if you know anything about the music business this is why venues buy insuance. I am not saying that she shouln’t return some of the money , but she is not obligated to. If she had canceled the concert I could agree with the complaints

    signed…not nessasarily a swift fan

    • Heywood Yablowme

      You are correct. It doesn’t give all the facts. Like the fact the venue was called “Capital Hoedown (in Ottawa)”…

      PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can’t think of how may ways I can go with this. It’s too funny just the way it is.

  • http://webpro Lynda

    while Taylor Swift is not my favorite, She is still a person who has to deal with the public,Our Country {USA} has issues like unemployment to the max, even more tax raises, and poverty levels on the rise. So, why don’t everyone focus on the USA and leave her personal matters to her.

  • me

    I have never heard so many jealous haters before.. It’s sad that a young girl making a huge success of her life is so hated for no reason other than pure jealously.. If we did everything we could to be famous singers/actors/actresses we would look at it differently, but most or all of us did not have the ambition of her and the many others inthe business… so instead of talking negative about a young girl, be proud of who you are and what your life is….

  • Mark

    I think that Taylor is over rated. Talented, yes but to the extent that so many seem to take her is hard for me to see. She offers a distinctive voice and style but lacks depth and variety. I am not convinced she is well rounded as a singer. More to the point, her antics on stage with regard to singing about her failed relationships is immature and totally lacking in class and character. such things are better left off stage.

    • Adrienne

      Mark, I totally agree with you. I see a girl who doesn’t have that great of a voice, but has appeal to the teenage girls. I think that she should just stick to writing songs instead of singing!

  • jim

    FUNNY Sure Hope They Win Big LMAO

  • Fans R US

    Taylor Swift needs to give the money back. She made enough off the Nikon Red Cameras, and all the clothing and posters for little children who is her fan base. Lets all focus on LeAnn Rimes who is a true Country singer and give her the money instead of wasting it on bubble gum stars like Taylor Swift. You’re welcome America!

    • Brandi

      Give it to LeAnn Rimes???? Someone who cheated on her husband? Yeah – that’s someone to look up to!!!

      • Emma

        Finally! SOMEONE who sees sense!

        • http://yahoo kitten@43

          she might have cheated but she a good singer

          • http://yahoo kitten@43

            and plus i dont even listen to her any way

    • no one

      seriusly taylor is so much bettter than leanne.

  • Michael

    You are all Idiots for fighting/arguing/discussing over someone else’s personal life. I don’t think you would want millions of people judging you for the somewhat questionable(sometimes even unknowing) decisions we all make in life. so how about shutting the hell up :) kay thanks and by the way just because she has money you wish you had doesn’t mean she deserves all of the hate. I am far from a Swift worshiper, but she is a still a person, and a young one at that. live and let live.

    • Sam

      You’re an idiot. She makes her millions by crying about her personal life. Her privacy goes out the window when she makes said millions as a public figure, especially when that life is the basis for her “song writing”.

      • Lolo


        • Lolo

          I agree with Sam…

    • buckwheat!! ;P

      yu makee it worse by complaining about it… 😛 lol

      • Porky!


  • Melissa

    I believe this will all blow over . her people will fix this and it will be over before you know it. Taylor swift is worth millions and i doubt that she is going to freak out about 2 million that she can easily pay back.Can’t wait to see your Red concert this summer Taylor !!

  • http://yahoo Ashely

    I love Taylor Swift with all my heart and wish her the best in everything she does.

  • http://yahoo Ashely

    I love Taylor Swift with all my heart and wish her the best in everthing she does.

    • Porky!

      No…Just no!

    • Emma

      Taylor swift is non creative, she doesn’t even have a good sining voice, and extremely shallow! She writes ALL her songs about boyfriends!

      • no one

        so who cares. she made it farther in life than u did

  • fred metzger

    There are 100 women singers that can sing much,much better than Tayor and really don’t even understand why everyone thinks the PUPPY LOVE songs are that good, they don’t even make sense a lot of the time.
    She knew that that money should have been paid back but, she thought because she was Taylor it was OK, well its not.Give it back girl who cannot even keep a boy friend.

    • Swiftie4Ever

      that’s rude, plain rude, I wish you luck taylor.

  • Robert Jackson

    Anybody who would sue a national treasure should be horsewhipped, tarred and feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail! We need our celebrities to keep us distracted and ignorant, and criticism of them, let alone lawsuits, should not be permitted. They are our royalty and should be
    treated as such.

    • Lolo

      Are you serious?

  • ships58

    REally? do you think the check went to Taylor??? please her people dropped the ball, this is not news and is a non issue, unless ssomeone in her organization kept the check, but I seriously doubt she even knew this was an issue.

    • BB

      You are so right. Other people handle the ticket sales. She is the performer NOT the accountant. Think about it people. Maybe Canada is doing what the USA is doing to each other SUE them out of business. Only ones that profit are the lawyers.

  • bob

    i likee cheese waffles wit my fries….PICKLESSSS!!!! :) :p :3 😀 😉

    • buckwheat!! :P

      weirdoooo >.<

    • Pancake

      I like Cheese with my oranges and ketchup with my chips!

  • storytllrr

    I do not care for Taylor Swift. I do not think she can sing or write good songs…she is just small and cute and flirts…a lot! I do not have respect for her because she goes through men like a revolving door and shows no class whatsoever by writing songs about them or attempting to publicly humiliate them. She gets much more attention than she deserves and would not be where she is today if she had to base her career on her talent…at least her music talent!

    • no one

      taylor is so much better than u think she is. just because you dont like someone doesnt mean you have to trash talk them. that just means you stooped down to a stupid persons level!

  • Dale

    Whether you think Taylor can sing, write, walk, talk, or keep a boyfriend is irrelevant. She deserves credit for her accomplishments and millions must agree because they pay to see and hear her. What’s disturbing is that there are people in the world who get off on the negativity that happens to all of us in the world……celebrity or not. What a hateful creature mankind can be!

    • Joe

      I agree…

  • Xena April Webster Pattinson

    Taylor Swift is being shoved down our throats each & every day,
    come on she cant sing worth a damn & I don’t consider her Country
    Music at all.Country Music is Johnny Cash,Hank Williams Sr.,Hank
    Williams Jr.Kitty Wells,Reba McEntire,Patsy Cline,Loretta Lynn,Conway
    Twitty & so many other legends,now that Country Music.Taylor Swift isn’t Country Music,she goes through men like everyone goes through underwear or clothes & then breaks up with them in a month or 2 & then writes songs about them.Taylor is as fake as they come,”America’s Sweetheart” my ass & that title has already been used by so many other celebrities over the years.Taylor is indeed overrated
    & shoved in our faces no matter where u go grocery store,magazines,radio & tv,she just as annoying as Justin Bieber.
    *(Screams With Insanity)*Thank the Heavens that Blake Shelton won Entertainer Of The Year last year at the CMA’s & hope he or Brad Paisley,Toby Keith or Jason Aldean wins the big prize at the ACM’s this year.Shoo Shoo Taylor,move over & let someone else win for a change.

    • Lisa

      You are absolutely right – she is not real country. I love Johnny Cash’s last song he did before he died called ‘Hurt’ – remake from NIN – he covered it. Really good – the words are so powerful.

      • Xena April Webster Pattinson

        I love Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt to,it was powerful
        beautiful & he made it his own.I listen to that song alot,
        high 5’s to u Lisa…

    • Tim

      You can’t use grammar worth a damn, so can we NOT consider you American? You do not capitalize country music and spaces follow commas. I’m THE grammar Nazi! Truth is… she’s rich and talented, your not. I do not like country music or pop music, but I would be lying if I said she wasn’t talented. Unlike Justin Beiber, she actually does write her own songs. She may not have the greatest voice in the world, but that doesn’t matter. Examples… Bob Dylan, GREAT songwriter, terrible voice. Axl Rose, same thing. Eminem, the BEST rapper I have ever heard, can he sing, HELL NO!

  • Joe

    Why all of the hating here? Regardless of the fact of talent, looks, creativity or whatever, she is making MILLIONS which means the product she is selling PEOPLE are buying…why??? because THEY LIKE IT!!!!. If you don’t like what she does, don’t listen or better yet, don’t allow your kids to purchase her music, listen to it on-line or download her MP3s. All of you people with negative things to say are more shallow then her. Shame on you all…..

    • Xena April Webster Pattinson

      Everyone has a right to their opinion Joe just as much as u do,
      Do u like having Taylor Swift constantly being shoved down your damn throat?Think about it long & hard & then answer truthfully.

      • Jack West

        Taylor Swift is not being shoved down my throat so I don’t share your hatred Ms. Xena April Webster Pattinson. I hope your hatred consumes you and you burn in hell!

        • Xena April Webster Pattinson

          Jack West your mouth is writing checks that your ass cant cash,well sorry to disappoint u but the devil kicked
          me out cause I tried to take hell over.I got every right to my opinion just as much as u or everyone else here does so do me a favor & pop off…

        • Me

          so basically youre saying that she cant speak her mind but you can?? EVERYONE has that right so you better just stop saying things that you will regret later..

          • http://ProNews jhamez boylz

            you all are just being so typically gay! Do you think that Taylor really cares what you or I think? It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$.

      • Me

        yeah but she took millions of dollars in advanced and never payed it back…

      • WildBill

        Miss Xena, I have some advice for you. Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it. I see a lot of people trashing her with supposition and wild assumptions. We don’t know the whole story yet. I’m not a big fan of her’s but I do know that she bases a lot of her songs on life experiences. Most artists use real life as inspiration. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of songs about break-ups. Why is she being crucified for doing the same thing? One word comes to mind…IGNORANCE!!!

    • http://yahoo kitten@43

      stop gossiping

    • Tim

      I agree Joe. These are porbably people that think T-Pain is a good singer. LOL! Here, let me take someone elses song, make a loop out of it, buy a voice prcoessor and talk about hoes and bit@@@@ and drugs and drinking and guns and violence. That’s never been done before, right? STFU! Haters gonna hate Joe, you can’t fix stupid.

  • your mother

    A whore that’s famous for publicly belittling guys that didnt meet her fairy-tale psychotic expectations is being sued. This is why we’re happy. Say whatever you want about her, it doesn’t make my statement any less of a truth.

    • oirupq

      Nor does it make it true!

  • redskin

    if a persian cat had sex with an albino catfish, we have a mewing taylor swift

  • Fantasy

    Taylor Swift is a manufactured sweetheart of country who saw more money in pop than country. She is nothing like Leanne. Leanne likes men, Taylor is a in the closet lesbian.

    5 or maybe 10 years from now, she will try to reinvent herself after the new Taylor Swift comes along. How will she reinvent herself by coming out of the closet.

    • Gord

      I don’t think sexual orientation had anything to do with her canceling a tour and accepting an advance for 2.5 million dollars. Coming out of the closet won’t change anything about that. Being honest with herself and her fans will. With this on the tabloids, it’s unlikely her sponsors are going to continuing sponsoring, especially if any of them are creditors too

  • Christopher

    I’ll be honest.. I’d let Taylor Swift break up with me if it means dating her for a month.

  • Dad

    she doesn’t farts, sweats and burp? bummer man, that’s her problem with men then she’s full of hot air.

  • http://yahoo kitten@43

    i think all the people who talk crap about her is really low i hope yall have fun in hell lol

    • Bob Mittens

      You are the disgusting scum on the underbelly of humanity.

      • mom

        You have disgusting scum on your underbelly?

  • taylor

    ahaha “Of course, there are some–including One Direction fans–who appear to be unsympathetic…” so true.

  • Reagan Brown

    even if you hate Taylor Swift she is a smart girl. She makes money off the feelings that we all have. You can hate on her for “belittling” boys, but honestly the way “men” are brought up to be now a days they need a little embarrassment. She just says what all girls want to but don’t have the balls. She takes public scrutiny with a grain of salt and grace. It is ridiculous that she gets hate for being “too sweet”. Is it that hard to believe that a 23 year old girl isn’t a raging slut and an alcoholic? Pathetic.

    • ronkodite

      She’s had like a dozen boyfriends in 3 years yet writes songs implying other girls are sluts for ‘stealing’ her boyfriends. She’s borderline psychotic.

      • your mother

        definitly psychotic. she keeps bringing up one failed relationship after another in different songs taking shots at all of them while they keep to themselves about it. she can’t let go of the fact that someone left her, so she attempts to keep dragging them back into the argument via song. then the guys have to deal with the PR nightmare that comes with taylor hinting that a song might be about said guy. taylor swift has become nothing more than a reality musical.

  • BeachQueen

    Maybe she will write a song about this instead of another boyfriend bashing one – lol

  • http://www.du.edu Steve

    She should be sued for imitating a musician….

    • your mother

      Boom, roasted.

  • Tim

    Yeah, I’m sure Taylor Swift was responsible for that. Bottom line, she IS talented. She had more money at 17 years of age then anyone commenting will ever have. She writes her own music, and it’s good! What she does actually takes talent, unlike MOST artists today. The mishandling of the money is most likely the fault of her management team. Might be time for her to find a new manager. I don’t see that ANY music is shoved down my throat because I stopped listening to the radio and use services like Pandora and iHeart Radio. It’s not my favorite genre of music, but I give credit where credit is due, and it’s better than all this hip-hop s*** that uses vocal processors to hide the fact that the singer (I use that term VERY loosely) cannot actually sing.

  • Aza

    I think the Taylor Swift thing just like me reducing myself to this gossip yet hot and popular forum is pretty much ridicules for the most part but as long as I’m here;… I would just like to say, I could care less whether or not Taylor is getting sued and frankly it’s really no one’s business but hers and the complainants. This is how we get argument’s started mostly in life with all those around us. When People start putting their nose into other people’s business it’s just wrong, I know some will say were not butting in we are simply expressing our own opinions about her situation etc… Well what makes you people really thing anyone truly gives a crap about your opinions? Did you vote for the current occupant of the position of President? I know I did and was electorally cheated out of the rightful candidate just like that last election. So now we have an idiot in there that wants everyone to be equal. Well it’s never going to happen because of this very same reason all of you have posted your opinions about TS and her situation, “that’s none of your business”. You want to make your cat calls and opinions count, try coming together as a truly compassionate group of people that is willing to once and for all work as a team to make a difference. Don’t do it your own way do it in a way that all can agree upon. Miss Swift I don’t care what you do good bad for publicity or not it’s none of my business, I see you as an individual who has the right to become what you want and the ticket situation… Well, like everyone else will say if they had anything worthy of saying would say. Just do the right thing. Whether they say you can’t sing or not is just plain jealousy, I have heard you sing and I love the music and your voice so what they say doesn’t make it true it makes them haters. Good luck with your future endeavor’s and good luck to all those that have posted good or bad here and to your future endeavor’s as well. Sure all of us have made a mistake in our lives at one point or another and many may have been raked over the coals for it. but then again like I said that don’t make it right nor does anyone have to keep the hate going on but it’s favorite past time I guess for some. Just like the rubbernecker that can’t just go on with their own scheduled trip to the office or where but need to slow down and gawk at the accident on the road helping delay traffic even more than needed. Looking forward to all the “negative responses” and I’m sure there’s going to be, because that’s what people seem to love most today is seek out and or contribute to drama. Take care, folks this was my first time posting this kind of drama continuing nonsense that I am sure will stir the blood of haters up. Peace Out.

    • Tim

      Obama was still the better choice of the two. I actually hope that doucher Romney runs again and wins. Then I will be able to say “I told you so” to all the people who complain about Obama. It’s not the president that sucks, it’s the old washed-up piles of crap that are in the senate. How can a president accomplish anything? The whole system is corrupt and sucks. The president is just a scape goat so you have one face to put all the blame on. What is important here though is to mention how much of a complete d bag your are for finding a way to rant about the president in a post that doesn’t pertain what so ever to whoever the current asswipe in the oval office is. Pat yourself on the back, take your sign, and STFU. 😀

    • dc

      You have missed the time line, GW Bush was the idiot who screwed America and left the mess for Obama. During his first term he was just trying to avoid having the crap the republicans and gw left to kill off the middle class. The repub keep the threats alive by refusing to raise taxes on the rich. Obama wants all America to pay their fair share and level the playing field. Those who protect the rich, corps, and oil will be responsible for tanking the economy and prolonging the suffering for many Americans. Support those who have the power to make positive change for the country and bring America back to greatness! Thanks for your time!

  • 04minib

    I started out liking Taylor Swift, and granted she IS a great singer and, she IS a great businessperson. However, I do not like her anymore because of some of the choices she has made so instead of bashing her I just do not listen to her music, and whenever I see her on the tv, award shows, or on the radio I just turn her off. Thats all you have to do people. Let go of this anger, its unhealthy to be so involved in other people’s lives especially if you don’t know them on a 1 to 1 basis. I do not like Justin Bieber or Mylie Cyris either because they are so overmarketed,like Taylor, but, thats my opinion. Relax, life’s too short.

  • Aza

    Just one more thing folks, She’s not the first one that’s ever done this, be it accidental or purposely. Willy done it, Evil K done it, Elvis done it, and many more. Poo happens, try googling the names of stars whom have taken fee’s never to be refunded or even when given a chance to do were not “swift” enough for the disappointed so called “fans’. ~smiles and bows to the crowds of stone casters~

  • Tim

    It’s funny that some of you are complaining that she writes her songs about past relationships. IDIOTS! This is what a vast majority of all of the best songs ever written were about. Some of you even said you don’t listen to her music, but claimed to know what topic it was about. Maybe if she sung about smoking kush, drinking Patron and Hennessey, pimpin hoes, or even booty, you would like her more? At least her songs mean something. I’m done ranting, you can spend 10 minutes on a board like this and have all the reason to understand why this country needs a better educational system. John Mayer goes through women just as fast as Taylor does, are you going to tell me he isn’t a good musician because of it? The guy is a genius when it comes to playing guitar and writing songs.

  • Gene

    i chuckle at many of these comments. i’ll take a dozen taylor swifts any day over most ‘celebrity’ types. many entertainers are not that talented but they have charisma or perseverence – SOMETHING that others do NOT have that makes them stand out above the crowd. Taylor swift is a breath of fresh air compared with many celebs today. she hasn’t been arrested, hasn’t had affairs (that we know about), hasn’t screwed up her life on drugs or alcohol, etc. She is a corporation and a business. the lawsuit is against the business. it’s pretty clear from the article that a concert was cancelled, money was paid in advance and now people are suing down the chain of command to get their money back. these things happen in business everyday but it’s big time celebrity Taylor swift so all the “little people” want to see her done in. most of these comments seem pretty petty.

    • http://WebproNews Lynn

      hasn’t had affairs, What rock have you been under, she has a different affair every month just so she can write a stupid song about them. She can’t sing at all with that squeky voice and can’t carry a tune what so ever

  • Montelongo

    So… what have you all done? She’ll settle the suit, her bountiful life will keep going on and you all will still be ignorant ba$tards jealously writing negative stuff about her, because you lack talent, any type of work skills, and live sad, poor lives.

    • http://WebproNews Lynn

      I have never been jealous of this no talented little twit. She can’t sing, not at all pretty and has turned into a little $lut

  • liz kelly-truchard

    hahahahahahaha ! “never had any affairs ?” Gene..have you been living under a rock or something ??? she changes men faster than i change my socks (which is daily) thanks for the good laugh Taylor.. i hope they ram it up your fanny but good ! 😀

    • mom

      liz has some issues and could use a hug

  • Ted

    After what this “princess” has been doing lately by running down other performers and dissing people from stage, I would not buy a ticket. Also if I had any albums I would want a refund.

  • Seth Michelson

    It’s about time her highness was taken down. Her pure and wholesome facade may have fooled millions but this guy has never been one. Come on you blind fans. One break up yeah, maybe it was his fault but all of them the fault of the men? I think beneath that pink and pure facade lies a red hot mama just looking for the next victim that will be her next ex as well as her next song. It’s time she went to the wayside and made room for some real talent.

  • Tim

    Swift has been the recipient of seven Grammy Awards, eleven American Music Awards, seven Country Music Association Awards and six Academy of Country Music Awards. As a songwriter, she has been honored by the Nashville Songwriters Association and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. But yeah, she sucks. LOL. Idiots.

  • garry Wagner


    • mom

      sure…that follows logically

  • slick

    It says above “What do you think” Who gives a damn. She’s a child, with a childs mind, making huge bucks, laughing all the way to the bank

  • http://yahoo Shirley

    I wouldn’t go too one of her concerts if a ticket was given to me!!! She is such a fake, uses people, and looks for men to fall for her. I don’t care how many awards she has gotten, she has a rotten ego and I hope every man she used badly in her songs SUES her for every penny she has made.

  • tom donahue

    Man you people are jealous of a girl with immense talent that has taken the music world by storm. All the hatred is born from jealousy . There is no reason not to like her , she is talented , pretty and in the world of music is very tame in her exploits. Why some people just sit around waiting for someone on top to fail and fall to the bottom is beyond me and I find it pretty pathetic.

  • Dan

    13 serious boyfriends in 4 yrs and now a lawsuit. Little miss clean is apparently just a professional visage she wears.


    I don’t get it, everyone is talking about her relationships if a guy has a different woman every month “HE’S THE MAN” or “WHAT a STUD” or more women want to date him because they understand him and can change him.. Why can’t a woman date different men without all the negative stigma that goes with it..Just because she’s dating them does not mean she’s going to bed with them..Everybody has issues in there life so we should not pass judgement on others as we do not want judgement passed on us.. just my opinion..Last thought, know one is forcing these guys to go out with Taylor, they can say no as well