Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga: PDA at Golden Globes

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Taylor Kinney and girlfriend Lady Gaga weren't afraid at all to show their PDA at the Golden Globes on Sunday. And while they didn't get carried away, it is certainly a far cry from how the Chicago Fire star typically behaves when in public with his girl. The couple--who has broken up on more than one occasion--seemed perfectly at ease with one another. And they definitely are an intriguing duo.

The Applause singer and Kinney engaged in a rather passionate kiss upon entering the Beverly Hilton prior to the show. Lady Gaga didn't wear anything particularly outlandish either, instead opting for a very pretty gold one-sleeved gown over a jewel-encrusted bustier. Taylor Kinney was drop dead gorgeous in his tuxedo--but then of course he is hot in dirty sweats after a workout.

Taylor Kinney actually spoke recently about how he and Lady Gaga make their relationship work. It's interesting to hear him talk because the last time the couple split it was due to her crazy tour schedule combined with him now being a huge hit on Chicago Fire.

Lady Gaga even admitted recently during an interview with Fashion magazine that she has "found love" with Taylor Kinney--something she hasn't publicly admitted to before.

"When you meet someone that's not intimidated by the amazing people that are around you [or] by the love that you receive—that's love," she told the magazine. "Men weren't always happy for me. It was very challenging to watch a woman be so successful."

Taylor Kinney is no doubt very happy for Lady Gaga and hopefully that sentiment goes both ways. Even though he hasn't risen to the kind of fame that she enjoys, he has indeed climbed the ladder to success as one of the best looking and more popular guys of night time television--oh, how he makes that 10:00 hour sizzle!

Hopefully the two will sizzle together--and for a long time, too. They appear to complement one another nicely. Could he be the reason she no longer wears meat?

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