Taryn Manning's Stalker Arrested In New York


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A lot of celebrities have stalkers and while most are just annoying, some get out of hand and downright scary. Taryn Manning has been having a lot of problems with a stalker, but that stalker was recently arrested in New York.

Police arrested Janine Heller Tuesday morning after Heller allegedly violated an order of protection stemming from her initial stalking and harassment case against Manning.

Police said that Heller violated the protection order by emailing and calling Manning several times.

"The persistent and relentless violations of Ms. Manning's privacy by Ms. Heller have caused Ms. Manning and her family tremendous concern for their safety and well-being," Manning's lawyer, Andrew C. Quinn, told E! News in a statement. "Ms. Manning will continue to work with investigators and attorneys in the New York County District Attorney's Office in furtherance of this matter."

Heller began tormenting Manning in July by telling her that another friend was saying negative things about her and sharing her secrets with the media. Heller would allegedly call and email Manning several times a day and would not stop.

Heller was arrested on stalking charges on July 2 and Manning requested an order of protection that prohibited any further attempt by Ms. Heller to contact Taryn Manning through any medium possible, electronic or otherwise. The protection order also applied to Manning's family.

Taryn once considered Heller a friend, but after Heller's relentless stalking, Taryn felt that pressing charges was the only option. She said that Heller was causing her to become paranoid and causing a lot of stress for her and her family.

The police did not say what Heller was attempting to say to or about Taryn when she tried to contact her and violated the protection order.

Taryn is hoping that Heller will now leave her alone and let her move on with her life.