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Candy Corn Rises Above Adversity To Become The Most Searched For Halloween Candy On Yahoo

Candy corn gets a bad rap. Every Halloween, you’ll see posts start popping up all over the place decrying the classic candy for being the worst thing to ever grace this planet, or jokes about the world’s stock of candy corn all being made in early 1920s. Well, I’m here today to reject those accusations, and the Yahoo search crowd …

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Will Yahoo Abandon Search?

Reports indicate that Yahoo is considering unloading its search business, and focusing on its stronger media business. Last month, we reported on rumors that Yahoo’s “Search Alliance” with Microsoft may not play out for its full ten years. Motivity Marketing CEO Kevin Ryan said, at the time, “There’s a lot of rumors in the business that [it] isn’t going well, …

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Yahoo Search BOSS Documentation Released to Developers

Last month, Yahoo announced pricing info and search advertising/branding policies for the upcoming version of Yahoo Search BOSS, which is expected to be released this summer. Now, the company has released the technical documentation for developers. 

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