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New Kinect Features Previewed in New Video

Microsoft is betting big on its next-generation version of its Kinect motion sensor. The device has been packed in with every one of its upcoming Xbox One consoles, ensuring that all Xbox gamers will have a Kinect. This has caused more than a grumble in some segments of the gaming community. Kinect games of the current generation were, in general, …

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New Dead Space 3 Kinect Support Details Released

Last week it was announced that Dead Space 3 will be getting Kinect integration for the Xbox 360. This is in addition to the drop-in, drop-out co-op multiplayer that will be present throughout the game, completely shifting from the lonely, fearful tone set by the near-solitude of the first two games in the series. Whether these features were natural expansions …

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Kinect 2 Preview Photo Leaked Online

The gaming industry is experiencing the first console cycle change-over to happen in the age of Twitter and other powerful social media outlets. Where in the past gamers had to wait for hardware manufacturers to announce upcoming console features, now they only have to wait for the leaks to occur. Just this week, a Microsoft job posting implied that the …

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Kung Fu Superstar, an Xbox Kinect Fighting Game, Announced

Finally, a game for what Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral was really intended: learning kung fu. Kinesthetic Games today announced it is developing an action game for Xbox 360 that will use the Kinect to teach players to fight using kung fu techniques. Players will take on the role of Danny Cheng, a young martial artist who’s ambition is to become a …

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Tiger Woods Says He’ll Be Ready For The Masters

Tiger Woods is making the media rounds this week, appearing on ESPN’s network of mediums and ABC’s Good Morning America in an effort to help promote EA’s upcoming PGA Tour 2013. While Woods showed off the game on Xbox’s Kinect interface, the subject on people’s mind concerned his hamstring and whether or not Woods will be ready to resume golfing …

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