New Dead Space 3 Kinect Support Details Released

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Last week it was announced that Dead Space 3 will be getting Kinect integration for the Xbox 360. This is in addition to the drop-in, drop-out co-op multiplayer that will be present throughout the game, completely shifting from the lonely, fearful tone set by the near-solitude of the first two games in the series.

Whether these features were natural expansions of the series' gameplay or mandates handed down by a social gaming-focused EA, it's caused plenty of concern among fans that Dead Space may be going the way of the Resident Evil series and abandoning the very things that made it popular.

The Kinect support, though, isn't going to ruin a gaming experience. Gamers won't have to wave their own limbs at their screen to de-limb necromorphs. Instead, through voice commands players will be able use items, switch weapons, or exchange equipment with their co-op partner.

In a new promotional interview video released by EA, Visceral Games' Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis states that "reload" and "roll" will be voice commands, among others. There isn't much more info provided, though the video does provide a good look at the action in Dead Space 3 through clips. Forewarning: it also contains dubstep.

Two interesting trivia facts are revealed, though. Papoutsis states that Visceral had considered including a Kinect-specific achievement for swearing. The developer also considered using the Kinect to take photos of the player at the moment of Dead Space 3's inevitable jump scares. That sounds like the best use of the Kinect yet devised, though the potential for abuse of such a feature is obviously high.

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