Kung Fu Superstar, an Xbox Kinect Fighting Game, Announced

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Finally, a game for what Microsoft's Kinect peripheral was really intended: learning kung fu. Kinesthetic Games today announced it is developing an action game for Xbox 360 that will use the Kinect to teach players to fight using kung fu techniques. Players will take on the role of Danny Cheng, a young martial artist who's ambition is to become a martial arts movie star.

Though Kinesthetic Games is looking at making the game for different platforms and playable using classic controllers, it is clear that Kung Fu Superstar has been designed with the Kinect in mind. The game studio has released an announcement trailer, seen below, which demonstrates the concept. From the video's description:

In a ground-breaking rethink of fighting games, players will use their full body and/or a controller to learn authentic martial arts techniques and level up Danny's fighting abilities, as they improve their own knowledge of Kung Fu. Players then put their skills to the test on the movie set, where Danny takes part in dramatic fight choreographies and performs in explosive action sequences. With multiple movie sets and plots to explore, colourful characters to be met along the way, Danny's own overarching storyline, as well as a platform for learning real martial arts in a fun and engaging way, Kung Fu Superstar will open up a world of possibilities to players of every background.

According to a EuroGamer interview, Kinesthetic Games was founded one year ago by Kostas Zarifis. Zarifis previously worked at Lionhead studios and was part of development on Fable 2, Fable 3, and Fable: The Journey. Kung Fu Superstar is currently in early development, and Kinesthetic is looking for a publisher for the title.

Though this game is still a long way off, it's clear that the idea behind the game came from a true fan of kung fu cinema. Hopefully the game will start the player off in low-budget movie projects with horrible dialogue, and by the end of the game have them in blockbuster sci-fi/kung fu crossover movies. Using the Kinect for magic or martial arts seems to be common sense. The only worry is that the developers stray too far from their original idea and end up with an over-broad disaster such as Star Wars Kinect.

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