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Tumblr Invaded By Worm Affecting Thousands Of Blogs Tumblr Invaded By Worm Affecting Thousands Of Blogs
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Reports have been rampant today about a worm spreading on Tumblr, taking over thousands of accounts. Tumblr addressed the issue twice on Twitter: once to let everyone know they were aware of the issue, and a second time to say …

Facebook IM App Passing Around Nasty Little Worm Facebook IM App Passing Around Nasty Little Worm

The security scouts at Trend Micro had identified an instant messaging worm that is being passed around via social networking sites, namely Facebook. The worm is said to present as a private message that includes a link to a site …

Watch Out for the Twitter Worm

There are numerous reports of a new Twitter worm that steals your log-in information and spreads its evil cause. The worm comes in the form of a direct message from someone you may know, and maybe even trust.

Phishing for Popularity on Twitter
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In an effort to build its own popularity, social networking has played largely upon the individual’s craving for popularity. How many friends you have on Facebook, how many followers you have on Twitter, or how many connections you have on LinkedIn can all be perceived as indicators of an individual’s Internet popularity. Just yesterday, a worm hit Twitter that preyed upon such desires.

Mikeyy Worms Its Way Through Twitter

Update: A seventeen-year-old kid has taken credit for the worm creation.

Worm Rains on Facebook’s Parade
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Just as Facebook unleashes its Facebook Connect program that ties the site in with any other site who wants to be involved, some virus has to come along and rain on the parade. The Koobface virus, which has in actuality been around for the majority of the year, is not directly related to Facebook Connect, but casts a shadow of vulnerability on Facebook in general.

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