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Tim Berners-Lee Takes To Google Blog To Call For Advancement Of Open Web

As you may know, today marks the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web. Surprisingly, Google is not honoring this with a doodle. Google is, however, honoring it with a guest post from WWW creator Tim Berners-Lee on the Official Google Blog. He talks about the Web’s past, present and future, and calls upon people to help keep it open. …

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The Internet Has Been Good For Society, According to Most Americans

Pew Research has just unveiled the results of a massive survey about the internet to mark the 25th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web. It’s dense, and there’s a lot to comb through, but I think the question from Pew that is best suited for such a retrospective is this: “Overall, when you add up all the …

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European Commission VP Pleads For an Open Web

Neelie Kroes, the Vice President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda for Europe, gave a speech at the World Wide Web Conference 2012 in Lyon, France. In the speech she called on both governments and people to be ready to approach and protect the openness of the web. Kroes managed to touch on just about every divisive …

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Google Hangout Live From WWW 2012

A live Hangout will take place with Googlers at the World Wide Web (WWW) 2012 conference in Lyon, France. The Hangout will take place on Wednesday, April 18 at 10:30 EDT and will feature members of Google’s technical team from the Google Booth at WWW. The announcement of the Hangout was made on the Google Student Blog by Marni Levasseur, …

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“Father Of The Web” Tim Berners-Lee Comes Out Against SOPA / PIPA

The inventor of the World Wide Web has come out against SOPA and PIPA. British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, who created the World Wide Web in 1989, called the legislation a violation of human rights and urged Americans to contact their legislators and express their opposition. Speaking at the IBM Lotusphere conference in Florida the day after the SOPA Blackout, …

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