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5 Reasons Why The iPad Fails To Impress
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On January 27th Steve Jobs unveiled Apples latest “it” product, the iPad. Essentially the iPad “fills the gap” in between smartphones and laptops. One question remains to be answered, is there a need for a device to bridge the gap in between the two technologies? We’re not sure yet, but there is one thing we know, the iPad has some issues… below are 5 of the most glaring.

Boston Logan Airport Offering Free WiFi
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The Massachusetts Port Authority Board has voted to allow free WiFi for travelers at the Boston Logan International Airport.

"One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers is: ‘Why don’t you have free WiFi at Logan?’ said Thomas J. Kinton Jr., CEO & Executive Director of Massport. "Well, we are pleased to be able to now say ‘We do!’ "

Google Shares Proposal for White Spaces Database
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Last night, Google announced that it filed a submission to the FCC, asking it to designate Google as one of potentially several administrators of a "white spaces" geolocation database. Back in November of 2008, the FCC approved the use of these White Spaces, or unused airwaves between broadcast TV channels, for public wireless broadband service.

On Google’s Public Policy Blog, Richard Whitt, Washington Telecom and Media Counsel, writes:

November Showed Significant Growth for Android

AdMob, which is in the process of being acquired by Google (regulators are still eyeing the deal), has released its Novemeber Mobile Metrics report. The themes for this one are that the Launch of new devices drove Android growth and the rise of smartphones resulted in a sharp increase in WiFi usage.

Bing Partners With JiWire To Offer Users Free WiFi

Microsoft has plans to announce an advertising campaign with JiWire that will focus on enticing users to try out its search engine Bing in exchange for free WiFi where available.

The campaign is being supported by JiWire’s mobile advertising network, which reaches about 20 million unique users monthly. The Bing campaign will run across WiFi hotpsots in airports and hotels nationwide.

Google And Virgin America To Offer Free WiFi During The Holidays
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Virgin America has partnered with Google to offer free in-flight WiFi to all of its passengers during the holidays.

From November 10 to January 15, 2010, passengers on all Virgin America flights will be able to access email, shop online and visit social networks free of charge. In May Virgin became the first airline to offer Gogo Inflight Internet service on every flight.

Camera & Microphone Coming for the iPod Touch?

Home based telephone providers should be quaking in their boots today. A rumor is floating around that Apple is quietly prepping the new iPod Touch, which comes with a built in camera and microphone.

iPod Touch: Camera & Microphone Coming?

GiiNii Movit Mini Aims to Make Cell Phone Contracts Obsolete
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GiiNii introduced a pretty cool mobile device at the Consumer Electronics Show called the Movit Mini. It looks like a great way to access the mobile Internet and social networks as well as any number of applications one decides to put on it.

White Spaces Officially Cleared For Wireless Broadband

A big story flew somewhat under the radar yesterday as the Election was at the forefront of minds not only all across the America, but around the world. The FCC has approved the use of the unused airwaves between broadcast TV channels, otherwise known as "white spaces" for public wireless broadband service.

FCC Clears Free Wireless Broadband

Free speech issues weren’t enough to knock down FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s push-through of a free national wireless Internet initiative, but few were talking about those free speech issues anyway.  T-Mobile’s and Deutsche Telekom AG’s arguments about signal interference—which is the cry-wolf line of the wireless industry these days–weren’t either; after successful testing in Seattle, free wireless Internet is on the way.

Google To Create Sea Worthy Data Centers

Google Is Lobbying To Offer Free National Wifi

Free, nationwide WiFi. Drooling yet, or do I need to say it again? Free, nationwide WiFi from Google. As we mentioned earlier, Google is lobbying the FCC for some of the wireless spectrum that will be freed next year when television will cease analog transmission. Google’s plan? “Wi-Fi on steroids.” (Without the ‘roid rage, I’m guessing.)

JetBlue, Yahoo Launch In-Flight Wi-Fi

JetBlue Airways is set to launch free inflight email and instant-messaging services on one of its planes equipped with a wireless network beginning Tuesday.

CBS Unwires Manhattan With Wi-Fi

An experiment by CBS enables people with Wi-Fi-capable devices to access the Internet for free, at 5Mbps speeds, as the network tries out a wireless initiative in the Big Apple.

Starbucks Gives Away Tracks For iTunes WiFi Launch
Starbucks is going to give away 50 million tracks as it helps launch the new iTunes wireless service with Apple. From Oct. 2 to Nov. 7 customers in all 10,000 U.S.

Google Loses EarthLink In Wi-Fi Deal

If and when Google’s plans for providing wireless Internet service in San Francisco go forward, it will be without the participation of financially troubled partner EarthLink.

EarthLink recently announced it would shed some 900 jobs as part of its restructuring, but that wasn’t the end of its last-ditch efforts to stay afloat. The company won’t be Google’s Wi-Fi partner in San Francisco as a result.

This Is Your Brain On Wi-Fi…

It’s comforting (in a morbid, misery-loves-company-kind-of-way) that educational systems in other countries have problems. We hear a lot about Asia kicking our butts, especially in math and science, but we don’t hear of jolly old England’s technophobic teachers very often.

Wireless Access Coming To The Skies

The FCC has long fought the airline industry over providing cellular access in flights, but their stamp of approval for in-flight WiFi has yielded a product announcement for this service.

Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time

More than half of Wi-Fi hotspot users around the globe are wasting their money according to Trustive’s "WLAN Roaming Research 2007" report.

Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time
“Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time”
Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time
FON Sharing Wi-Fi With Time Warner

A deal between Time Warner Cable (TWC) and FON will allow TWC customers to share Wi-Fi connections with other FON users.

FCC Nixes Airline Cellular, Approves WiFi

Airline travelers will soon have the opportunity to surf the Internet mid-flight by way of wireless networks, as many aircraft are now beginning to be outfitted with WiFi equipment. Even though the FCC has put it stamp of approval for in-flight WiFi, it still has reservations about the viability of offering cellular service to airline passengers.

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