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Privacy Advocate Wants Hearing on Google’s Wi-Fi Spying

Now that the non-redacted version of the Federal Communication Commission’s report on Google’s unsettling habit of eavesdropping on unsecured wi-fi network via the Street Car has been made available, the same privacy advocate that chastised the FCC for letting Google off with a relatively small fine is now calling on the U.S. Senate to investigate the matter. Consumer Watchdog sent …

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Consumer Watchdog Demands Uncensored FCC Report on Google Wi-Fi Spying

In light of the Federal Communications Commission dropping its investigation of Google’s Street View’s eavesdropping practices that were uncovered in 2010 and releasing a very redacted version of the interim report that was released on Friday, Consumer Watchdog has issued a statement demanding that the FCC release an uncensored version of the report. The FCC decided to fine Google $25,000 …

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