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Customer Finds Marijuana In Wendy’s Cheeseburger

A customer, who has remained anonymous in the press, found something very startling in her cheeseburger from Wendy’s on November 1. Sitting right on top of her pickle was a half-smoked blunt. The customer immediately called 911 to report the extra ingredient found in her burger. Police showed up at the Lovejoy, Georgia location, and arrested Amy Seiber on the …

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Wendy’s Frosty Licker Joins the Recent Trend of Fast Food Social Media Snafus

Who really knows what goes on behind the scenes at fast food restaurants? I mean, who really knows? Sure, we all just assume that the people handling our food aren’t deriving pleasure from making it as disgusting as humanly possible – but hey, once again, who knows? Sure, we can all just suspend out sense of better judgement and pretend …

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Chili-Finger Lady Going Back To Prison After Wendy’s Scam

A woman who lied about finding a finger in her bowl of Wendy’s chili is going back to prison after telling another big fat lie. Anna Ayala apparently didn’t learn her lesson the first time she lied, even though it got her four years behind bars. This time around, she’s pleading no contest to felony charges stemming from an incident …

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Wendy’s Pretzel Burger Could Be Coming To Your Town

Ever eat a cheeseburger and think, “The only thing this big chunk of meat is missing is bacon with a soft pretzel on top”? Wendy’s has the answer to your quandary, my friend, and it could be coming to a restaurant near you. The fast-food chain says they tested a Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger in a few stores around the country …

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Here’s What Wendy’s Is About To Look Like

Wendy’s is undergoing a transformation it says is aimed at “energizing the brand and dramatically improving the customer experience.” This includes a new logo that will debut in March. “Key initiatives of the transformation include reinventing the restaurant environment, unveiling a new logo, a successful new advertising campaign, additions to the Mobile Nutrition App and continuing to launch new and …

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Wendy’s Beats BK: That’s a Delicious Burger!

No Jules, it’s not a Big Kahuna burger, it’s from Wendy’s. America thinks they’re very delicious! In fact, Wendy’s has finally beat Burger King (BK) for the first time, taking the second place slot behind McDonald’s. Though BK still has many more restaurants than Wendy’s, Uncle Dave seems to have won-out in sales revenue. Here’s what the sales figures worked …

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