Wendy's Frosty Licker Joins the Recent Trend of Fast Food Social Media Snafus

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Who really knows what goes on behind the scenes at fast food restaurants? I mean, who really knows? Sure, we all just assume that the people handling our food aren't deriving pleasure from making it as disgusting as humanly possible - but hey, once again, who knows?

Sure, we can all just suspend out sense of better judgement and pretend that everything we're getting meets passable quality standards. And for the most part, it probably does. The vast majority of fast food workers are just trying to do their jobs, and the thought to lick, pee on, or otherwise contaminate the food they serve never crosses their minds.

But then you have these people. People that not only like messing with the food they serve, but apparently like posting it all over the internet. Seriously. What do you think is going to happen when a photo like this goes viral?

The photo of the Wendy's employee helping himself to the Frosty machine went viral on reddit on Thursday. After commenters chastised the original poster for being complicit in the gross action (who took the picture, right?), he deleted his account.

Wendy's gave a non-specific statement that the employee was no longer working for the company.

Obviously, the employee broke the rules He is no longer at the restaurant. The franchisee is meeting with the restaurant team to reinforce proper procedures. We have a daily regiment in each restaurant that stresses proper food-handling procedures. The manager follows a disciplined process. When mistakes happen, we try to respond immediately and take corrective action.

Our Frosty-licker joins a group of recent fast food snafus that played out on social media. Including, but not limited to...

The Taco-Bill Taco Shell-Licker:

The KFC Mashed Potato Licker:

And the Burger King Lettuce Stomper:

I would tell people to Just. Stop. Doing. This. But I know it's an epidemic. Expect plenty more of this crap in the future. Ugh.

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