Customer Finds Marijuana In Wendy's Cheeseburger

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A customer, who has remained anonymous in the press, found something very startling in her cheeseburger from Wendy's on November 1. Sitting right on top of her pickle was a half-smoked blunt.

The customer immediately called 911 to report the extra ingredient found in her burger. Police showed up at the Lovejoy, Georgia location, and arrested Amy Seiber on the charge of possession of marijuana. Once the police arrived at the restaurant, they questioned Seiber who confessed to "misplacing" the blunt. Apparently she had been smoking on the job and conveniently hid the blunt in the burger by mistake. Seiber was immediately fired from her position.

The customer suffered similar symptoms as having food poisoning and had to be hospitalized. Wendy's has told the customer that they will pay for her medical bills and even threw in a $50 gift card (if she chooses to eat there again). "Obviously the employee broke the rules and did not follow proper food handling steps ... We are deeply sorry that this incident occurred," a rep for Wendy's told TMZ.

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