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Promise of Pot Diet Pill A Dream Come True

If you haven’t read the latest (March) issue of Cell Metabolism magazine you may be missing out on some very exciting and important news. According to the renown publication, the University of California, Irvine has released some new research that could be a dream come true for many dieters. The findings from the California researchers are that certain brain chemicals …

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Overweight 23-Year-Old Makes YouTube Video Asking For Help

“I’m making this video because I don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried losing weight on my own, I’ve tried doing everything possible – been on diets, been hospitalized. And I’ve always done what needed to be done at the time, then i’d always just gain the weight back.” That’s the reason for making his YouTube plea, says Robert. …

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Chocolate For Breakfast Slims Waistline

Tel Aviv University researchers have released research results that suggest eating some sweets after breakfast may help you lose weight over the long term. The study involved about 200 non-diabetic patients which were all considered obese by clinical definition. Each was randomly assigned to a group who either consumed a 300 calorie breakfast or a 600 calorie breakfast which always …

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CES 2012: Fitbit Scale Shares Your Weight With Your Friends

Fitness technology company Fitbit has announced a new product in their lineup. Announced at CES today, the new Aria Smart Scale is a wi-fi enabled bathroom scale that can track the weights of eight separate family members, and gives you the option to upload them to the internet. The scale pairs with the Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker to help you …

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