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Walmart Gives Consumers Another Reason To Use Internet For Movies

Hollywood is happy today thanks to the big smiling face and sizable weight of Walmart. The top retailer in the United States announced today that on April 16th, at 3,500 of its retail locations, the super, mega, mega, super (well you get the idea) chain will be offering customers the option to use their internet streaming site, Vudu, to store …

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Walmart, Target to Compete with Isis, Google Wallet

Isis and Google Wallet may have some new competition on their hands. Walmart, Target, and about two dozen other retailers are joining forces in the development of a mobile payment system to rival the two. The retailers are unhappy with the way these companies are handling business and want to get in on the fast paced market on their own. …

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New iPad Scam Leaves Customers Without an Apple

Some Canadian citizens are getting a surprise after purchasing their new iPads. Reports from a few consumers around the Vancouver area say that they have been scammed! Excited about their purchases, they tear into the neatly sealed packaging only to reveal a similarly sized hunk of clay where their new Apple product should be. Best Buy, Future Shop, Walmart, and …

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Walmart Labs Buys Small Society

Walmart Labs, the wing of the consumerist Goliath responsible for capturing more market share via social media and mobile applications, acquired iOS app developers Small Society this week. Small Society has worked with other big names in the past, such as Hilton and Amazon to develop iOS apps for their businesses. This is the latest move by WalMart Labs in …

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The Weight of Walmart, Flying, and How Google Killed the Longtail Search

Today’s infographic round-up looks at just how big Walmart is, Google Longtail, and flying back in time. Enjoy. View more daily infographic round-ups here. Flying back in time… How Google Killed the Longtail of Search: Infographic by SEO Book The Weight Of Walmart:

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Shopycat: Walmart’s Facebook App Helps You Find Better Christmas Gifts

Searching for just the right gift for each person on your Christmas shopping list can feel like a swift kick to the jingle bells if you’re buying for someone that would be commonly described as “hard to shop for.” Second guessing ideas, embarrassing fears of your recipient asking for the gift receipt so they can return or exchange your present …

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Walmart Buys OneRiot

Walmart has acquired OneRiot. OneRiot’s tech team will move to Silicon Valley and become part of the @WalmartLabs team this month.” If you’re unfamiliar with OneRiot, it was an early entrant into the realtime search space, but inevitably folded that part of its business in favor of a social mobile ad network. “OneRiot has developed some pretty nifty technology that …

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Kosmix Acquired by Walmart in Retail Giant’s Quest for Social

Walmart announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Kosmix, which has a social media platform for filtering and organizing social network content, called the Social Genome. The platform, currently runs on TweetBeat,, and RightHealth. According to Kosmix co-founder Venky Harinarayan, these properties combined to serve over 17.5 million unique visitors worldwide. “Quite a few of us at …

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Walmart Offering Free Holiday Shipping

Walmart said today it will offer free holiday shipping on nearly 60,000 items with no minimum purchase through December 20.

The free shipping offer includes all electronics, select video games, toys, home appliances, furniture, jewelry, and baby items.


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One Thing Small Businesses Can Do Just as Well as Walmart

Take a look at what Walmart’s doing on Facebook. The retail giant has put together a Groupon-like model for driving sales via its Facebook page, with a Facebook called CrowdSaver. Hat tip to The Next Web for pointing this out

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Walmart, Best Buy To Begin Selling Facebook Credits

It’s perhaps not too much of a stretch to describe either Best Buy or Walmart as omnipresent, and together, the two retail chains are definitely hard to avoid.  So it looks like Facebook’s virtual currency will soon receive a huge push, as Walmart and Best Buy are supposed to start selling Facebook Credits gift cards.

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Walmart Family Mobile Offers Service With No Contracts

Walmart has announced its own new wireless service brand, placing an emphasis on faimly savings. Walmart will launch Walmart Family Mobile as a post-paid plan available without a contract or multi-year commitment. 
The company says it offers a family of three savings of up to $1,200 a year when compared to leading unlimited talk and text plans. T-Mobile’s network is being used, but the service will be sold exclusively through Walmart. 

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Walmart To Offer Online Degrees For Its Workers

Walmart is partnering with American Public University, an online, for profit school, to offer its employees college degrees.

Walmart and Sam’s Club employees in the U.S. will be able to earn a college degree at a discounted price through a combination of academic credit earned for Walmart job learning and experience, and online course work via APU.

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Amazon Ties Walmart In U.S. Online Music Share

Apple’s iTunes store continues to be the top music retailer, with 28 percent of all music purchased by U.S. consumers, a 4 percent increase since Q1 2009, according to The NPD Group.

Amazon increased its music market share 3 percent to tie Walmart for the second spot at 12 percent. Sales of digital tracks and albums accounted for 40 percent of overall music market share in the first quarter of 2010, which is a five percent increase since Q1 2009.

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Sprint Introduces Prepaid Offering With Walmart

Sprint has introduced a new pay-as-you-go service which it will begin offering at Walmart stores on Saturday May 15.

The new offering called "Common Cents Mobile," one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, includes 7- cent per minute phone calls and 7-cent text messages.

Common Cents Mobile includes a round down feature, so if a user talks for 1 minute and 46 seconds they will be charged for 1 minute and not 2.

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Walmart And ASPCA Launch Facebook Campaign For Animals

Walmart has teamed up with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) for a Facebook campaign aimed at saving and improving the lives of animals.

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Online Retail Spending Reaches $39 Billion In Q4

Online retail spending in the U.S. in the fourth quarter reached $39 billion, a 3 percent increase compared to a year ago, according to the latest report from comScore.

Total retail ecommerce spending reached $129.8 billion in 2009, slightly lower than the previous year’s total of $130.1 billion.

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