Microsoft Acquires Virtualization Company

Microsoft Acquires Virtualization Company

By Doug Caverly January 21, 2008 | 1 Comment

This story does not revolve around virtualization in a "Matrix" sense; Redmond isn’t about to give birth to any sort of simulated world.  It is, however, moving ahead in the world of virtual computing, and it’s doing so thanks to the acquisition of Calista Technologies.Microsoft Acquires Virtualization Company

Virtualization Solutions – Same Motivations

I’ve been writing a lot about virtulalization lately, and the process has been clarifying. I figured out a few things, such as the fact that none of the stuff we are talking about is new. Most of it is really old actually.

Integrated Enterprise Virtualization

Hu Yoshida, of HDS fame, spoke about a conference in his latest blog, and one of the topics was virtualization.

OpenOSX Virtualization for OS X

OpenOSX is a port of QEMU for OS X. It’s a universal binary, so it works on the Intel Macs without translation.

Red Hats New Linux Software Development Tools
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San Francisco based Linux dudes Red Hat announced a “Integrated Virtualization” strategy on Tuesday. This new tool should simplify deployment in a new virtualization environment. They claim this will allow customers to deploy resources at minimal cost while maximizing utilization.

Vanderpool, Intel Dual Core VT and Intel Macs

I (and a few others) been blabbering about this for a while but it seems that very few people are really aware of what is about to happen here.

Cisco Weaves Virtualization Into Server Fabric

The VFrame system management software from Cisco has been updated to version 3.0 in a new release.

EMC Envisions Invista Virtualization

The product sounds groovy, but it’s all business as the storage and management company debuts a new storage solution.

IBM Surpasses 1000 Customers With Data Virtualization Software

IBM announced a watershed moment in the storage industry, surpassing 1,000 customers who have simplified their infrastructure with IBM’s data virtualization software.

Cisco Updates Storage Virtualization Solutions

Cisco Systems unveiled significant updates to its network-based storage virtualization solutions.

Hitachi’s Virtualization Up for Debate

Hitachi Data Systems is virtualizing all EMC Symmetrix systems with its TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform.