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Kim Kardashian Speaks Out on Racism and Discrimination

Kim Kardashian spoke out on racism and discrimination on her personal blog back in May. In an entry titled “On My Mind,” the television and social media star said motherhood has changed her perspective on the subject: “To be honest, …

3D Printing Becomes More Awesome With The Help Of Lasers

3D printers are more than just a cool way to make your own plastic models. The technology has numerous medical applications from creating organs to helping a little girl move her arms. Those examples all involve relatively large samples though. …

Microsoft Urges Focus On Vista, Not Vienna

The blogosphere has been buzzing amid reports that Microsoft plans to release a successor to Windows Vista within the next two years. Some insiders predict that Vienna, the codename for the project, is poised for a 2009 release.

At January’s Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates dropped a bombshell. In an interview with this blogger, he openly discussed the future of the Windows brand and when we could expect to see the next offering in the product line: