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Toronto Flash Mob – University of Toronto Chancellor Surprised at Retirement Celebration

This was truly a heartwarming gesture from the students at the University of Toronto, who said goodbye to their long-term chancellor with style. The student led flash mob disrupted the final convocation ceremony and moved the chancellor to tears. The video was posted on YouTube and drew the support of many current and former students, who left heart-felt regards for …

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$114,000 Debt Paid in Cash: Mystery Student Steps Forward

A $114,000 debt paid in cash has left a lot of people stumped. Who would do such a thing? they wondered. More importantly, why would someone go through the hassle of paying off their student loan in cash? Was this person trying to prove a point? The whole ordeal, which was brought to the attention of the masses courtesy of …

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Evidence of Pre-Human Fire Usage Found

A team of archaeologists studying caves in South Africa have announced their findings that human ancestors were using fire to cook long before humans evolved. The study, to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows traces of wood ash along with animal bones and stone tools in an area dated to one million years ago. …

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