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If You Unfriend Someone on Facebook, They May Just Avoid You in Real Life

For a good percentage of people, being unfriended on Facebook is a huge slap in the face. So much, in fact, that they would actively avoid running into the unfriender in real life. Then again, who decided that Facebook interactions don’t count as “real life?” The study comes from The University of Colorado Dever and Computer Science and Information Systems …

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Send That Facebook Douche to Defriendtion with New App

Jimmy Kimmel’s annual National Unfriend Day just occurred, so you may have already been giving your friend list a good once-over. But for those of you who think that unfriending is a little too drastic, no matter the offense, Defriendtion offers you the ability to toss your idiot Facebook friends into the spotlight of public ridicule. “Whether a silly or …

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The Top 9 Reasons You’re A Terrible Facebook Friend [STUDY]

Let’s face it: Facebook is, by default, annoying. It’s basically a platform that gives people you don’t really care about the unfettered ability to share whatever word diarrhea they want, at any time of the day. And you have to scroll through your news feed and see this garbage, all the while trying to grasp at some barely tangible hope …

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Your Friends Hate You On Facebook For The Same Reason They Hate You In Real Life

Sitting down at your computer for a quick round of Facebook unfriending can be a painful, satisfying, or gloriously cathartic experience. Sure, every now and then its sad to virtually delete someone from your life – especially if they once meant something to you a long time ago. Friendship is strange, and it can change in a matter of weeks …

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I’m Glad Facebook Doesn’t Tell Me Who Unfriended Me

I’ve been on Facebook since the first summer I was given a University address in 2004. Yep, back in ye olde days, you had to have that .edu email address to even register. It was a good time – perhaps the best of times. No thirteen-year-olds, no parents, and no big brands, just curious (and mostly horny) college students, your …

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How To Find Out Who Unfriended You On Facebook

If you’re a Facebook user with a few hundred friends, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of all of them. And sometimes, you’ll be unfriended – it’s just a sad fact of life. Whether you piss someone off or simply become irrelevant to their social sphere, theres a good chance that any Facebook user will lose multiple friends every year. …

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