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Twitter Loses French Appeal, Told to Give Up Anti-Semitic Users

Twitter has lost its latest appeal in a racist tweet controversy that’s persisted for nearly 8 months. According to a French court, following French law is not optional for U.S.-based Twitter, and they will be compelled to turn over the identities of users deemed in violation of French anti-discrimination laws. It’s a long story, but here’s the quick version. Back …

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Twitter Sued for $50M in France for Withholding the Identities of Anti-Semitic Users

Twitter is being sued in France for failing to disclose the identities of users wrapped up in an anti-Semitic hashtag controversy that has spanned five months. Here’s my attempt to make a long story short: Back in October of 2012, a hashtag emerged on Twitter that many users found exceedingly offensive. The hashtag, #unbonjuif, roughly translates to “a good jew.” …

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Twitter Must Give Up Anti-Semitic Users, Says French Court

Twitter is once again going to be forced to make a decision on how far they will go to protect the privacy rights of its users, thanks to a ruling made today by a French court. The court ruled that Twitter must turn over the identities of users behind a specific set of tweets, after they had been deemed to …

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