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This 3D Printed Robot Can Flatten Itself

What’s up with 3D printed robots being based on bugs? Our last 3D printed robot was a creepy spider, and now the University of California, Berkeley has created a 3D printed insect robot that can flatten itself to fit under doors. In the UC Berkeley Biomimetic Millisystems Lab, four men have created what they call the STAR, or Sprawl Tuned …

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HTML 5 Tracking Spreading, Says Berkeley Web Privacy Census

The University of California at Berkeley Law School today released its quarterly census of web trackers, and the results point to a rise in sites’ use of local HTML5 storage. The report, titled The Web Privacy Census, was authored by Nathan Good and Chris Jay Hoofnagle. HTML5 local storage, according to the report, allows developers more flexibility and much more …

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UC Berkeley Tightens Ties With YouTube

In September of 2006, UC Berkeley became the first university to have its own page on the Google Video site.  Now, a little over a year has passed, and the college is becoming the first to release videos of entire course lectures through YouTube.

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