2014 Trending Topics Highlighted With Google Doodle

2014 Trending Topics Highlighted With Google Doodle

By Chris Crum December 31, 2014

With New Year’s Eve here, Google is celebrating the end of the year with a doodle on its homepage pointing users to 2014 trending topics. It’s an animated doodle that shows the word Google turning into “2014,” with each number …

Trading On Twitter: How Trends May Predict Stock Market Values Trading On Twitter: How Trends May Predict Stock Market Values

Those trending topics on the left-hand sidebar of your Twitter account may be more than aggregations of crass sexual stereotypes or the latest false rumor of a celebrity death. According to a new study out of the University of California, …

“Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day” From Twitter “Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day” From Twitter

Ah, Twitter. The tool of revolutions. Did you know it today was Squirrel Appreciation Day? If not, you must not be on Twitter. If you were, you’d surely have noticed some tweets around this trending topic. That is if you …

Google+ Trending Topics Launched Google+ Trending Topics Launched

As you’ll notice in the image below, Google+ now has trending topics, much like Twitter’s. It will be interesting to see if Google works in ads to them like Twitter does.

Anonymous Launches URGE, A Twitter Hijacking Tool Anonymous Launches URGE, A Twitter Hijacking Tool

Apparently, Anonymous is sick of everyone on Twitter talking about Justin Bieber and Bernie Mac. More specifically, they seem to blame Twitter for choosing to trend those hashtags instead of other hashtags that the group feels are more important. Their …

Should Social Media Censor Offensive Content? Should Social Media Censor Offensive Content?

At what point does content on social media sites become too offensive? Does the social network have an obligation to protect its users from extreme topics of conversation? Or should a social network never pull controversial content, as it is …

HP Finds Twitter Trending Topics Often Dictated by Mainstream Media

HP has released an interesting report looking at where Trending Topics come from on Twitter. It claims that mainstream media are responsible for a lot of them. 

Twitter Explains How Trending Topics Work
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Twitter has taken the time to explain a bit about how its Trending Topics work, following accusations from the Blogosphere that the company was blocking terms like #wikileaks and #cablegate, which Twitter says it was not and is not. 

OneRiot Launches Out of Beta, Intros Trending Topics Engine
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OneRiot has officially moved out of beta today, and while doing so has also launched a realtime Trending Topics Engine.

"Our trending topics engine detects breaking stories and emerging trends faster than anyone else," OneRiot’s Courtney Walsh tells WebProNews. "And the topics are more detailed: we won’t just tell that iPhone is trending right now, we’ll tell you why."

What People Talked About on Twitter Most in 2009
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Twitter has broken down the top ten trending topics of 2009 for a variety of categories: news events, people, movies, tv shows, sports, and technology, as well as the top ten hashtags used.

Death, Disease, Money, and Twitter on Bing

Microsoft’s Bing has revealed a top ten list of the most popular trending topics of 2009. To determine these, Bing analyzed billions of search queries and developed the list based on searches made with the Bing search (I mean decision) engine.

Twitter Continues Beta Testing of Retweet Feature
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Update 3: Twitter is now telling me that I am part of a beta test group for the retweet features, so I guess it is no longer on hold.

New Retweet feature

Those who are part of the test get the following message:

Google Hot Trends Come to Results Pages
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Google has released an extension of its Hot Trends feature, which brings some of its components to the results page when a user searches for one of the "hot trends." Now when a user’s query matches one of the top 100 trends (or fastest-rising search terms), Google will show them a graph and further information about how popular the query is.

Breaking Down Twitter’s New Homepage
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On Tuesday, we told you about the launch of Twitter’s new homepage. The revamped design sports a sleek look that is pretty easy on the eye. But, once you get past the pleasing aesthetics, you’ll also see that Twitter has added a search capability and popular topics, which in turn could mean an influx of Twitterers.

Tweet Lawsuit: Horizon Realty Issues A Statement
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Just before lunch today, we told you about the Chicago based realty company who had filed a lawsuit against a former tenant for $50,000. News of the lawsuit spread quickly around the Internet, but when Horizon’s Jeffrey Michael was quoted saying, "We’re a sue first, ask questions later kind of an organization" things reached a boiling point on Twitter.

Michael Jackson’s Death Hits Twitterers Pretty Hard
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Michael Jackson, one of the biggest music icons of all time, has passed away .

The death of the Michael Jackson is hitting Twitterers especially hard. Take a look at the screen shot below, 9 out of the 10 trending topics deal with some aspect his death.

Michael Jackson trending topics

A Trending Topic on Twitter with No Results
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Despite Twitter’s rapidly growing popularity, the service is quite known for downtime, and random bugs. In fact, the Twitter Status Blog usually does its best to keep the public informed about known bugs, but I have not seen mention of this yet.

While taking a look at the top trending topics on Twitter this morning, one of them (#inappropriatemovies)is giving me "no results" when I click on it. How can it be a trending topic if there are no results?