Twitter and Pepsi Join Forces to Offer "Live for Now Music"

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PepsiCo is joining forces with Twitter to extend the reach of their current "Live for Now" promotion. "Live for Now" is a musical platform that resides at Pepsi.Com and offers live music from some of today's biggest pop performers. Launched on May 7th, the platform also features breaking entertainment and pop culture news. The idea behind the behind the new promotion is to position Pepsi products alongside other popular culture icons.

Twitter is one of those icons, and the new cross-brand promotion titled, "Live for Now Music", represents an opportunity for both brands to further promote themselves as pop icons. Live via Twitter, Pepsi will deliver free pop-up concert events, exclusive videos, and free music downloads.

Also, every wednesday for the next year, Twitter and Pepsi will provide a recap video of what artists, music and news was trending on Twitter in the preceding days.

Here are the key elements from the partnership's offering:

* A new music-oriented video series: Pepsi and Twitter will help fans stay on top of music trends with "Live for Now Music," a new short-form video series. Each Wednesday, over the course of 52 weeks, "Live for Now Music" will provide fans an instant overview of the artists, music and music news trending that week on Twitter.

* Free music downloads: Each week, @pepsi will tweet about the exciting and current music that people who live for now are passionate about. Pepsi will also offer free music downloads from the MP3 Store to consumers who follow @pepsi and include the hashtag #PepsiMusicNOW in their Tweets.

* Pepsi pop-up concert series: Pepsi will stage a series of pop-up concerts in the U.S. this summer and fall. These concerts -- featuring major music artists -- will be announced first on Twitter and streamed live on Twitter through Pepsi's enhanced profile page and on The concerts will also be available on-demand afterwards for fans who want to watch later.

Adam Bain, Twitter's president of global revenue comments on the partnership with PepsiCo:

"We're happy to join Pepsi in giving people new ways to indulge their musical passions on Twitter,"

"Music is an essential part of the Twitter experience. Together, we will bring fans closer to the artists they love and help them listen to, see and discover more music."

Brad Jakeman, president of the Global Beverage Group at Pepsi comments on the new promotions with Twitter:

"The Pepsi partnership with Twitter is awesome on so many levels. Twitter is the quintessential 'now-time' media, which is a natural fit with our 'Live for Now' global campaign,"

"Combine that with Pepsi's long association with music and the result makes for a cool and innovative experience for music fans everywhere."

Simon Lowden, chief marketing officer at Pepsi Beverages for North America also comments on the partnership:

"Pepsi has been recognized as one of the leading brands in social media,"

"By partnering with Twitter, we are providing fans exclusive content and engaging millions of people around the world through one of their key passion points -- music."

Look for the "Live for Now Music" series to kick-off at the end of June and continue through the summer and into the Fall. Check back for more news on the partnership between Twitter and PepsiCo here at Webpronews.

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