Facebook Is Urging Users to Talk About Hot Topics

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Ever want to post something to Facebook but can't think of anything to say? Do you crave inclusion in the social dialogue but often find yourself without anything to say? Wouldn't it be easier for Facebook to just tell you what to talk about?

Of course it would. And Facebook may be testing a way to force conversation about certain, timely topics.

AdWeek's Social Times spotted a new Facebook test inside the Status update box. Instead of just asking What's on your mind? or What have you been up to?, Facebook is actually suggested certain topics for users to post about.

"Want to post to your fans but run out of ideas? Here are some suggested topics," says the company.

More Social Times' screenshots, it appears that Facebook is pushing timely hashtags – things that might appear in the site's trending now section. For instance, #WorldBloodDonorDay and #nationalpeanutbuttercookieday.

Hovering over any of the suggested topics pulls up a brief description.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 4.39.20 PM

Earlier this month, Facebook also tested another "suggestive" status feature. One user spotted a basketball icon and the phrase "The Cavaliers are playing today, What's on your mind?" inside his status box.

There are plenty of reasons Facebook would want to drive conversation on specific topics – and there are plenty of reasons why it's kind of weird to push everyone to discuss certain things. You think your Facebook news feed is bad now – just wait until Facebook's urging everyone to throw in their two cents about #HillaryClinton or #JebBush.

Image via Marco Paköeningrat, Flickr Creative Commons

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