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Transformers: FOC Releases Another Metroplex Trailer

For those of you who don’t know, Metroplex is a bad ass. He is a gigantic, city sized Autobot that can take out entire buildings with the swipe of an arm. According to Japanese Transformers lore he is over 800 meters tall (2,400 feet). Gigantic by any means. Him being in this game is just incredible for most Transformers fans. …

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Metroplex Revealed In New Transformers: FOC Trailer

We knew he was going to be there, even the mighty Trypticon shivers in his boots at the thought of him, I am of course talking about the might that is Metroplex! The city sized Transformers only has one to fear (Unicron) but he is dead so no one can match his might! To get the ability to play as …

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