Metroplex Revealed In New Transformers: FOC Trailer


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We knew he was going to be there, even the mighty Trypticon shivers in his boots at the thought of him, I am of course talking about the might that is Metroplex! The city sized Transformers only has one to fear (Unicron) but he is dead so no one can match his might! To get the ability to play as this fantastic Transformer is awesome!

Highmoon Studios went over to the official Playstation Blog to answer some fans questions and brought a new trailer:

Sweet right? Not only do we get to see more detailed versions of Optimus and Megatron, we also get to see Grimlock, Swoop, and Slag duke it out with the Combaticons in their Bruticus form.

But obviously the highlight is the Decepticons running in fear from Metroplex! here they are talking about the game and Metroplex from Gametrailers: