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Oscars Have Little Effect On Top 10 Pirated Movies

Do Oscar nominations correlate to increased piracy? Let’s find out! TorrentFreak keeps a tally on the most pirated films each week, but this week is special as it comes on the coattails of the Oscars. People were aware of the nominations for a while so one would assume that the most pirated films would be those films that received the …

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Brett Ratner Resigns As Producer of the Academy Awards

Remember how Brett Ratner was supposed to be the producer of the 84th Academy Awards? Yeah, that ain’t happening no more, as he’s submitted his resignation amid a gay slur scandal. Last week, during a Q&A session, for his new film Tower heist, Ratner said, “rehearsal is for fags.” This statement was met with criticism, as I’m sure you could …

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Tower Heist VOD Effort Fails

For those of you wondering when the Internet will put movie theaters out of business, continue holding your breath. Even though the technology for bringing new movie releases directly to the home, bypassing movie theaters and their overpriced concession stands altogether, it’s still a long way before coming to fruition. It’s also becoming clear movies like Red State are the …

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