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Judge Judy Sued For Buying Dishes
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Judge Judy may be known for her stern demeanor when deciding court cases, but now America’s most famous judge might find herself on the other side of the bench. TMZ is reporting that Judge Judy has been sued by a …

Osbourne Seizure: Kelly Osbourne Faints on Set
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On afternoon of Thursday, March 7 TMZ reported that Kelly Osbourne had a seizure on the set of her E! Network show Fashion Police. Shortly after, an ambulance arrived and took Osbourne to a nearby L.A. hospital. Osbourne was reportedly …

Jack Swagger, WWE Star, to Appear in Court on DUI Charges
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Jack Swagger, the WWE star who’s real name is Jacob Hager, was arrested earlier this week in Gulfport, Mississippi on DUI charges. According to a TMZ report on the incident, the wrestler was arrested after leaving a taping of WWE …

Trump’s Obama Announcement: It Could Change Your Vote
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Donald Trump swears he has some inside info on President Obama that will change the way everyone looks at him, and will probably even change the way people approach the voting booth in a couple of weeks. Trump chose to …

Nicki Minaj Vs. Mariah Carey: It Finally Happened
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When the news was announced that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey would be sharing judging duties on “American Idol”, people familiar with both songstresses immediately went, “Whoa”. It seemed like a bad combination, and not in a fun, Paula-and-Simon kind …

Tara Reid Is Not Drunken Mess, She Swears
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Tara Reid took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend herself against the allegations TMZ has made about her; namely, that she was a hot drunken mess in St. Tropez on Sunday. Reid, who has famously had a drinking problem and …

Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter, Gets Hitched, and Dreams of Butchering Harvey Levin

Alec Baldwin has been a very busy man as of late. The “30 Rock” actor recently got hitched to his yoga instructing girlfriend Hilaria Thomas on June 29th, an event he preceded by shoving around a New York Daily News …

Jim Paratore, TMZ Founder, Dead at 58

Jim Paratore, the man responsible for creating TMZ and producing television programs such as “Ellen”, “Rosie”, and, my personal favorite, “Judge Mathis”, died of a heart attack while on a bicycle trip in France. He was 58. Paratore, along with …

Brittany Spears Gets a Drink of Water

According to TMZ, Britney Spears left the set of X Factor after a contestant “butchered” her song “Hold It Against Me”. Brittany had this to say on Twitter: Follow @britneyspears (image) Britney Spears @britneyspears #Britneywalksoff??? LOL was just taking a …

Deion Sanders Tweets Photo Of His Sons Filing A Police Report Against Their Mother
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It’s fairly common knowledge that former NFL star Deion Sanders is going through a nasty divorce. The Pro Football Hall of Famer filed for divorce in December 2011. In March his estranged wife, Pilar Sanders, sued Sanders for $200 million, …

Scarlett Johansson’s Image Showcased On Porn Shop’s Business Card
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An adult superstore cleverly dubbed “VIP” unlawfully used an image of Scarlett Johansson and used it on their business cards. The Spanish-speaking sex shop in Calexico, CA sells a variety of naughty time toys, lubes, essential oils, and porn. The …

Luck Cancelled: Director Blames TMZ for “Spinning Unfair Stories” Luck Cancelled: Director Blames TMZ for “Spinning Unfair Stories”
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Michael Mann, the director of HBO series, Luck, blames TMZ for the show getting cancelled. In the following clip you can hear Mann telling the cast and crew that the decision was reached by HBO after TMZ and “the media” …

Troll Violently Threatens FoxSports.com, Now On The Lam From LAPD Troll Violently Threatens FoxSports.com, Now On The Lam From LAPD

We here at WebProNews don’t thank you readers and commenters enough for expressing your opinions in non-threatening and (mostly) civil manners. To my knowledge, none of you have shared your desire to rearrange parts of our faces or longed to …

Marc Tyler Experiences The Strength of Social Media Marc Tyler Experiences The Strength of Social Media

Evidently, there should be a rule for all athletes in the public eye — hell, even for those who aren’t — that social media is not your friend. There’s a smoldering battlefield littered with casualties. Names like Kenny Britt and …

Chris Brown Responds To Gay Slur Controversy on Twitter Chris Brown Responds To Gay Slur Controversy on Twitter
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Chris Brown, no stranger to controversy, finds himself amid another one today. Yesterday, TMZ caught Brown calling a TMZ cameraman “gay” after they caught him avoiding a parking ticket in Los Angeles. Brown obviously thought that TMZ had tattled on …

Yet Another Installment of “When Social Media Goes Wrong” Yet Another Installment of “When Social Media Goes Wrong”
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Apparently, the lesson about posting stupid stuff on the Internet and how it can come back to bite you is one we are going to have to revisit again and again, especially now that social media is the norm. Whether …

The Web Feels The Impact of Michael Jackson’s Death
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Who is the most famous person in the world? A simple question with thousands of possible answers.

Some might say the Pope while others might say President Obama. It’s total speculation; an argument can be made for just about any well-known person.

TMZ.com Sued By Anna Nicole Smith’s Mom
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Anna Nicole Smith’s mother Virgie Arthur is suing online celebrity news site TMZ.com along with a number of other media outlets alleging she was defamed.

Arthur alleges in a lawsuit filed in Texas state court on Monday that Smith’s lawyer and companion Howard K. Stern and others created a fictitious story that she was the mother of her stepbrother’s child to try and hurt her chances of getting custody of granddaughter Dannielynn.

TMZ Partners With MySpaceTV

Over a month ago MySpace launched a channel focused on all things entertainment called MySpace Celebrity. Now the social networking site has partnered with celebrity gossip news outfit TMZ to create a branded channel on MySpaceTV.

Under the terms of the deal TMZ will supply two or three clips per week to MySpaceTV after the clips have been broadcast on TMZ’s syndicated TV program. TMZ will also provide up to 15 non-exclusive clips on a weekly basis featuring the latest celebrity hi-jinks.