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Foursquare’s Time Machine Is an Awesome New Visualization that Tracks All Your Past Check-ins

Foursquare has a history of thinking up some pretty stunning visualizations. With all of that check-in data (over 4 billion), it’s no wonder. In the past they’ve tracked the effect of Hurricane Sandy on New York City check-ins, shown what 500 million check-ins look like, and made an interactive visualization composed of all your check-ins as a celebration for 4sq …

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Who Wants a Flying DeLorean?

Would you like to own a flying DeLorean? Well you may just get your chance to fly back in time and reclaim your McFly roots! The following quadcopter has a DeLorean shell and is an homage to Doc Brown’s flying time machine from the “Back to the Future” trilogy. I felt like I was 10 again as I watched this …

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