Mozilla Leaves Thunderbird In The Hands Of Its Users

Mozilla Leaves Thunderbird In The Hands Of Its Users

By Zach Walton July 9, 2012 | 4 Comments

Birds are hard to take care of. I would never wish the duty of cleaning up after one of them, especially parrots, on anyone. Imagine all the work Mozilla must go through to take care of the terrifying Thunderbird. What’s …

Watch Out Alexa, Here Comes URLFan

Yes, we know Alexa isn’t accurate, in fact it has a number of blindspots, but it’s a easily accessed public web metric. But for checking out the Web2.0-ness of your site, you might like to check out URLFan.com.

Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Takes Off

While Firefox has had a version 2 available for some time, the email client Thunderbird has only just matched that version number with its latest release.

The MUST HAVE Magazine Of Firefox Add-Ons

Well, the FTP link was seen everywhere and almost everybody in the little-ahead – techno-sphere were already playing with the Release Version of Firefox 2.0 from Mozilla even before the official announcement was made.

Mozilla Thunderbird / Lightning Project Calendar

Anyone out there using Mozilla thunderbird as an email client?

Help Mozilla Test Firefox and Thunderbird

Mozilla needs a little help with testing aspects of its upcoming versions of Firefox and Thunderbird and they have asked for volunteers.

Yahoo Updates Desktop Search Utility

While the desktop search craze (if there really was one) may have subsided some, that doesn’t mean developers are going to stop improving their product.

GMail vs. Thunderbird: GMail wins!

I don’t really remember why I decided to do this, but roughly a month and a half ago I began automatically forwarding copies of all my email to my GMail account.

Winning the Inbox Battle in Thunderbird

This has been a quiet week at work: no big projects, few meetings, several coworkers gone.

Web-Mail Bridges Gap Between Thunderbird and Web Based Email

A coworker pointed out the Mozilla Web-Mail project: “The Web-Mail extension creates a platform which other extensions use to integrate web based email accounts into Mozilla Thunderbird.

Firefox and Thunderbird Top Mozilla’s Priorities

Mozilla has decided to focus less on its “Seamonkey” software suite and concentrate on Firefox and Thunderbird.

Mozilla Focuses on Firefox and Thunderbird

Mozilla has decided to concentrate less on its “Seamonkey” software suite and stay focused on Firefox and Thunderbird.

Hello Google Desktop Search, Goodbye Yahoo Desktop Search

Finally there’s a desktop search product that’s actually useful to me: Google Desktop. I had tried the previous version of GDS a bit …

Mozilla Thunderbird Launches

Complete with a boast of “reclaim your inbox”, Mozilla’s next Internet technology-based software, Thunderbird, has been officially launched. This marks the second major release of a Mozilla product that looks to compete with, and perhaps overtake, Microsoft’s Internet-based programs like Internet Explorer and Outlook.

Reading Feeds with Thunderbird

The Mozilla Foundation today officially launched the Thunderbird email program – a companion to the Firefox Web browser.