Register a Domain Name Using Thunderbird 13

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As the Support Analyst for iEntry, I spend a lot of my time involved in an e-mail client. The e-mail client of choice that I use to achieve best productivity for support is Mozilla Thunderbird, and I stand by this free but quality e-mail client 100%.

Recently, Mozilla released their new version (13) of its popular Thunderbird e-mail client. and one of the newly released features that was announced in the release notes for version 13. With this in mind, when setting up user accounts in Thunderbird, users can register their own personal e-mail address with a personalized domain name and use it straight through with Thunderbird. The options provided are displayed below (source: Ars Technica.

This new feature in Thunderbird is available to you through Gandi and Hover, a well known and reputable hosting company. Users can utilize their new personalized e-mail address from this service for a fee of $20 per year.

Do you think this newly integrated feature will become a hit with Thunderbird 13? Let us know in the comments section below.

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