Ginger Zee Is Taking Over The Weather On GMA

Ginger Zee Is Taking Over The Weather On GMA

By Lindsay McCane December 6, 2013

Long-time Good Morning America weather anchor, Sam Champion, resigned from ABC on Wednesday to take a managing editor job at The Weather Channel. It was a sad goodbye since Champion is one of the main reasons that GMA has been …

Weather.com Links With Social Media to Keep You Dry Weather.com Links With Social Media to Keep You Dry

There’s been lots of weather in the past 30 years and The Weather Channel, with increasing varieties, has literally not missed a second of it. To commemorate the weather news service’s tireless dedication to making sure we the people know …

Twitter and Weather Channel Team Up on Local Weather Tweeting Twitter and Weather Channel Team Up on Local Weather Tweeting

You probably knew that Twitter has been instrumental in shaping the news, but what about the weather? Well, I’m not sure that Twitter’s altering the weather itself too much (though there was that stuff about Google searches’ impact on the …

Weather Channel Goes Social With Twitter Integration Weather Channel Goes Social With Twitter Integration
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People have been bitching about the weather since before the age of the internet, but social media has allowed that particular hobby to grow and flourish. The Weather Channel and their weather.com have just launched Weather Channel Social, a platform …

The Weather Channel Launches Redesigned Website

The Weather Channel said today it has launched a redesign of its website, weather.com aimed at offering users a more localized and customized experience.

"The weather.com redesign is all about consumers and creating a site that addresses how they want to view the weather," said Monisha Longacre, vice president of product strategy and development for The Weather Channel.

NBC Universal Acquires The Weather Channel

NBC Universal along with private equity companies Bain Capital and Blackstone Group have reached a deal to acquire The Weather Channel from Landmark Communications.

Financial details of the purchase were not released but sources close to the matter said the price was $3.5 billion. Landmark Communications was originally seeking $5 billion for the business.

Hitwise Comments On Weather Channel Sale

When word spread that The Weather Channel and Weather.com might sell for $5 billion, we duly reported the news.  We did not, however, laugh at the number – never mind how many automobiles, houses, or whatever else $5 billion would buy – and now there’s additional data about how it may make sense.

Weather Channel, Site Could Go On Auction Block

When Business.com sold for $350 million, quite a few people did a double take.  Weather.com may have been tagged with an asking price of $5 billion, however, which puts that number to shame.  Although buyers will get The Weather Channel, too.

MySpace, Weather Channel Make Friends
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When I’m feeling surrounded by bad sitcoms, stupid movies, and unimportant news, I can (assuming I don’t grab a book or turn to my computer) count on The Weather Channel to provide me with a reliable viewing experience.  And now MySpace users can count on a sort of online equivalent.

The Weather Channel Enters Second Life

The Weather Channel has become the latest company to announce the creation of a virtual headquarters in the popular virtual world Second Life. "Weather Island" will be available to gamers starting today.

The island will be the headquarters for The Weather Channel and offer an extreme sports park as well as a destination to screen episodes of the new program "Epic Conditions."