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There's been lots of weather in the past 30 years and The Weather Channel, with increasing varieties, has literally not missed a second of it. To commemorate the weather news service's tireless dedication to making sure we the people know what's going on beyond our exterior walls, it's recognizing the 30th anniversary of the first broadcast of The Weather Channel by giving its website,, a complete makeover while integrating various social networking sites in order to make the weather more personal.

Honestly, I have to say, I usually sigh the most acrid sigh I have in me anytime I hear about a website re-launching itself into a more social media-friendly platform, but The Weather Channel's jump into that direction is actually a really great idea. It immediately affects everybody and, truly, the way most news breaks and spreads so quickly through Facebook and Twitter these days, it's a brilliant utilization of those networks.

Aside from the opportunity to share updates about the weather to your friends, the site has added a feature on the current weather condition so visitors can share how they "Love!" or "Ugh!" the weather to Facebook.

According to Mashable, TWC isn't stopping there. There are plans to use Facebook's Open Graph that will collect weather warnings affecting your family members and friends on Facebook on, which users will then be able to post directly to those weather-afflicted loved and Liked liked ones.

Another interesting feature is that you can track trending weather-related words for your area. For example, around Savannah, GA, today's weather is apparently hot with a chance of deathrays (although you'll notice that the aggregation about weather tweets isn't exactly perfect, but that's kind of funny in of itself). It's a nice, quick way to search what people are saying about the weather on Twitter since TWC can only get predictions so accurate.

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All in all, integrating social media into weather alerts is a great step into finding out what you should expect when you cross through the front doors of your office or home.

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