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Katie Cassidy Becomes The Black Canary: First Photos

In an upcoming episode of Arrow, Katie Cassidy finally becomes the Black Canary. The CW recently released pictures of Cassidy fully dressed in the Black Canary costume. In the hit series, Sara Lane (Caity Lotz), the sister of Laurel Lane (Cassidy), was the original Black Canary. Arrow‘s second season finale hinted about Cassidy’s upcoming hero gig. Sara left Starling City to …

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Cancelled TV Shows 2014: List Grows

The cancelled TV shows 2014 list is has grown over the past few days with several seemingly popular shows not making the cut for a new season. Forbes has actually compiled a new list that features not only those shows cancelled, but those renewed and new to TV as well. Let’s concentrate on those cancelled TV shows for which 2014 …

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Danielle Panabaker to Co-Star In the CW’s “Flash” Pilot

For years, the CW has toyed with the idea of developing a Flash television series, but only officially started its production last summer. In December the CW show Arrow introduced the character of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), soon-to-be Flash, as a way to develop a spinoff series around the DC comics’ character. Originally creators of Arrow planned a backdoor pilot …

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Fred Durst, Limp Bizkit Frontman, Produces TV Drama

It has been quite some time since we have heard the name Fred Durst, the red-hatted baseball-capped rock singer who fronted the band Limp Bizkit. We have not heard of his name since his involvement with the band, Napster, or since Eminem rapped about him. The Limp Bizkit rocker is coming back into the limelight now, not releasing a CD, …

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Rashida Jones Leaving “Parks & Rec” For Producing Gig

Earlier this year, it was announced that Rashida Jones will be leaving “Parks & Recreation” in the middle of the upcoming season (sad face) along with costar Rob Lowe (double sad face), but there were no reports as to what she would be doing with herself afterwards. Now, it’s been announced that she will be producing an hour-long show for …

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