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Google Street View Adds Thailand; Car Nearly Runs Over A Couple Google Street View Adds Thailand; Car Nearly Runs Over A Couple
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Turning a Google Street View car into a makeshift schooner to sail down the Amazon is one thing, but outright floods in places that cars are supposed to go is another obstacle altogether. However, one of the Thailand’s worst natural …

Facebook Blamed For Thailand Pregnancies Facebook Blamed For Thailand Pregnancies
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According to Thaliand’s National Economic and Social Development Board, Facebook is at fault for rampant teen pregnancy in that country. Women under 20 years old accounted for 14% of all Thai moms in 2009-2010, putting Thailand on top of Unicef’s …

Groupon Thailand Launches As The Company’s 48th Country Groupon Thailand Launches As The Company’s 48th Country
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Daily Deals powerhouse Groupon has just announced another expansion, as they are launching their service in Thailand. According to the company, the new office will be located in the heart of Bangkok. Thailand will be the 47th country outside the …

Twitter: Thailand First To Endorse Censorship Policy Twitter: Thailand First To Endorse Censorship Policy
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It looks like a country is already welcoming Twitter’s new censorship policy with open arms. Thailand was the first country to announce that they would be taking advantage of Twitter’s new policy to police tweets that would be offensive or …

Cambodia Lambastes Google Over Border Portrayal

The governments of France, Germany, and Italy are all arguably annoyed with Google.  China’s not thrilled with the search giant, either.  And now, because of the way in which Google’s portrayed a disputed border, Cambodia’s quite mad at it.

According to Reuters, Svay Sitha, the secretary of state of Cambodia’s Council of Ministers, wrote a letter to Google complaining about its interpretation of the area where Cambodia and Thailand touch.

Buddhist Monks Could Be Banned From Social Networking Site
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The Thai government is asking its Information, Communications and Technology Ministry to find a way to prevent Buddhist monks from inappropriately using social networking sites to flirt with women.

Turkey, Thailand Give YouTube More Trouble
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No one likes “The Song That Never Ends,” but I’m starting to think it’s less annoying than YouTube’s ongoing difficulties in Turkey and Thailand.  Google’s video-sharing site is once again banned in the first country, and is facing a ban in the second.

Thailand Allows Access To YouTube

As censorship goes, this could be worse – YouTube has made any videos insulting the king of Thailand inaccessible from within that country.  In return, the Thai government has lifted a ban and apparently allowed everything else on the video-sharing site to return.

YouTube Under Fire Over Nazi Clips

YouTube’s in trouble again, and this goes far beyond issues of copyright law; the German government, along with at least one major Jewish group, is angry about the presence of Nazi propaganda on the video-sharing site.

Thailand To Terminate YouTube Ban

The last development in this story took place over a month ago, so here’s a little refresher: several videos on YouTube insulted the king of Thailand, and that country’s government responded by blocking the site.  It also threatened to sue, but that plan was abandoned, and the ban has now been lifted, as well.

Google Apologizes, Thailand Drops Lawsuit
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Quite a line was forming up, but it appears there’s now one less organization in the world that wants to sue YouTube; since the video-sharing site decided to take down clips in which the king of Thailand was insulted, the Thai government has dropped its criminal lawsuit.

Google Apologizes, Thailand Drops Lawsuit
Google Apologizes, Thailand Drops Lawsuit
Google Apologizes, Thailand Drops Lawsuit

Thailand Lawyers Up In Anti-YouTube Crusade

About a month ago, the government of Thailand blocked YouTube; all of YouTube was inaccessible in all of Thailand, and the ban has remained in place all this time.  But that apparently wasn’t enough: Thailand now intends to sue the video-sharing site.

More YouTube Thailand Censorship

Boing Boing via one of their readers reminds us that YouTube is still being blocked in Thailand, and also includes a screenshot of what a visitor saw from Bangkok (below – you gotta love the big brother eye).

YouTube Censorship in Thailand

Reuters writes:

E-Vice Squads Target Second Life and Craigslist

The e-vice squads are a-crackin’ down – you’re not even allowed to have virtual fun anymore. The FBI considers breaking up Second Life gambling rings; Craigslist is packed with perverts; and YouTube just wusses out, a sin in itself.

YouTube Tossed Out Of Thailand

In September of 2006, the elected government of Thailand was overthrown.  In April of 2007, YouTube was shown the door.  That’s right – YouTube has (yet again) been banned in an entire country.

Reuters Thailand Rides the Cisco Express

Cisco announced the today the worldwide news agency called Reuters deployed Thailand’s Internet Protocol (IP) telephony site in Thailand with 700 Cisco IP Phone 7960Gs, Cisco IP Phone 7940Gs and Cisco Wireless IP Phone 7920s.