Facebook Blamed For Thailand Pregnancies

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According to Thaliand's National Economic and Social Development Board, Facebook is at fault for rampant teen pregnancy in that country. Women under 20 years old accounted for 14% of all Thai moms in 2009-2010, putting Thailand on top of Unicef's list concerning teen pregnancy in Asia, according to a report by Thailand's National News Bureau.


The study states that 18 to 24-year-olds are the largest group of Facebook users in Thailand, and suggests that all the pregnancy keeps happening because the demographic keeps posting "seducing messages or video clips online."

Thai blogger Saksith Saiyasombut's response to the post states that the real problem is that Thailand has a severe problem with sexual education. Saiyasombut cited a compulsory test in order to advance to upper secondary school after the first three years of high school, that asked students, “What should you do if you have a sexual urge?” The correct answer, apparently, was to “call friends to go play football." Allegedly, people are not playing enough soccer, and are getting on Facebook too much instead.

Thailand apparently is quick to censor websites, and was the first country to adopt Twitter's censorship policy. So, Facebook can just be blocked, if the pregnancies get further out of hand.