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Tekken Revolution to Get New Character Through Facebook Poll

Namco Bandai today announced that it will be adding a new character to Tekken Revolution, the free-to-play title released for the PlayStation 3 last month. The catch is that the new character will be selected by the fighting game community through a Facebook poll. Fans can vote for their choice from now until July 14 in a Facebook poll app. …

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 For Wii U is Nintendo-Inspired Madness [Video]

It appears that Nintendo’s partnership with Namco has gotten pretty cozy indeed. Back in June, it was announced that Nintendo had handed over responsibility of its Super Smash Bros. games to Namco. While Nintendo’s fighting franchise is likely to get a Tekken-like polish for its fighting mechanics and balance, Tekken now looks to be getting a bit of Nintendo in …

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Street Fighter x Tekken For Vita Features New Characters

A new trailer was just released for the upcoming Playstation Vita version of the fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken. A few weeks ago it was found out that there were previously thought to be Vita only characters already on the discs for the console version. As soon as this was found out, CAPCOM came out and said that they …

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Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within 8 Minute Film, Twitter Users are Impressed

The following Tekken short film, Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within, is already being labeled as “epic.” There is a ton of action packed into this 8 minute movie and the costumes and hairstyles stay true to the videogame. The film was released yesterday and over 114,000 people have viewed it on YouTube. Thousand Pounds Action Company released the …

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Street Fighter X Tekken Getting Vita Characters

Capcom had previously announced that there would be 12 console specific characters to the newly launched Playstation Vita. Now it turns out that when Street Fighter X Tekken comes out those 12 characters will be already on the console and PC disc. The question that is being asked is why? These characters will obviously be available after the game is …

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