Street Fighter x Tekken For Vita Features New Characters


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A new trailer was just released for the upcoming Playstation Vita version of the fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken.

A few weeks ago it was found out that there were previously thought to be Vita only characters already on the discs for the console version. As soon as this was found out, CAPCOM came out and said that they were going to be available to console players at a later date as downloadable content.

Also announced today was the ability for players on the Playstation Vita to play against players on the Playstation 3! Cross game play is defanitely going to be the norm going forward.

"This fall, players who own the PS3 version who buy the PS Vita edition will see their additional characters unlock. Additionally, all future DLC purchased on one platform will cross over to the other." According to Capcom, "All DLC purchased on the PS3 version can be used on the PS Vita version, and vice versa. Additionally, edited and customized data on the PS Vita version can be transferred to the PS3 version via a save data link."

Continuing the cross-compatibility theme, players who own either the PS3 or the PS Vita editions of the game will be able to compete cross-platform with each other, via the PlayStation Network. The Vita edition also promises to add touch controls to both menu and game screens.

Now if the y only could have added the second shoulder buttons to the Vita it would be on like Donkey Kong. BF3 on the fly!