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ad:tech Keynote: State of the Industry

Topics for this keynote centered on the notion of the “new P” platforms, video advertising and random references to Gilligan’s Island and weird porn.

Ad:tech Pics – Day 1
Arriving at JFK was surprisingly un-eventful and smooth. Carry on is certainly the way to go.

Buzzlogic Impresses By Ad Targeting Social Media

The conversation targeting approach Buzzlogic has been testing allows a campaign manager to put relevant advertising in front of the influencers, inlinkers, and their audiences when key topics appear.

Ad:Tech – Snap.com Launches Snap Shots Ad Network

Snap.com will today announce the launch of its Snap Shots Ad Network. You may recall that Snap offers the link mouse-over pop-ups–briefly tested by us last year–designed to show you the location of a link before you actually click on it.

Ad:Tech – BuzzLogic Launches Conversation Ad Targeting

It seems that BuzzLogic has found another use for all of the conversation mining and sentiment analysis it conducts in the blogosphere.

Ad:Tech – MySpace Ad Network

There are a lot of announcements expected at today’s start of Ad:Tech, so let’s kick off with MySpace.

NYT’s Blogrunner Shakes Up Tech News

One look at the New York Times’ expansion of Blogrunner and you know it’s going to be a hit. It’s been around a little while, but today the NYT expanded the technology section to include other news sites and bloggers.

Tech Pay Soars Near New Heights

In some companies, the tech professionals work in dimly lit rooms for 50 hours a week.  But then, with any luck, they stride out into the parking lot and drive home their Porsches; new data indicates that tech wages are almost higher than they’ve ever been before.

Tech Company Censorship Penalties Coming

Forbes reports:

Google Page Rank’s Been Dead for Quite Some Time

I don’t get bloggers sometimes. They get all huffy about their Page Rank going down as if it’s something that they are entitled to.

Now, normally I’d be front and center on all these ego games but here the real truth is that Page Rank has been dead for years. That’s why I never even looked at it anymore.

Is Tech Blogging Broken?

Ah the A List under question again, and the importance of Techmeme in relationship to where people find news, and then blog about what is happening in the news. While techmeme is not the only source, it is quickly becoming the authoritative source of information for people who read and write techblogs. So there is no surprise that clever marketing people have figured out how to game the system.

Net Video Measurements Gaining Interest

The Wild West atmosphere of online video has settled down greatly, but it’s about 18 months away from a point where the demand for better measurement of video viewing reaches critical mass.

Wikipedia To Test Editing Restrictions
· 1

Some people love Wikipedia, some people hate it, and pretty much everybody knows better than to cite it as a source.  A new editing system aims to make the online encyclopedia a bit more reliable, however.

Danah Confused By Facebook’s Fans

Danah Boyd writes that she’s she is “utterly confused by the ways in which the tech industry fetishizes Facebook”.

She asks some good questions and makes some good points. Lets go through them. My answers in italics.

Yahoo Profits From Wall Street Love

A bit of good news for Yahoo emerged from the world’s financial center as an analyst found reasons to boost the Internet company to his clients.

ad:Tech Chicago vs. SES San Jose
After attending ad:Tech Chicago and Search Engine Strategies over the last month made me realize that there are considerable differences between the 2 conferences.

I know they’re difficult to compare because SES San Jose is quite a bit larger than ad:Tech Chicago and the target demographic is somewhat different, however I am sure there are marketers wondering which one they should attend. Here are my thoughts:

Behavioral and On Site Targeting Factors
Behavioral Targeting is the ability to target users based on their behavior on your website (this is one form known as on-site targeting). The concept of behavioral/on site targeting is exactly how business should be done: offer a customized solution to your end users so that they are truly engaged with your website.

ad:Tech 2007 – Building Relationships through Mobile

This session featured Jack Philbin (President, Vibes Media), Bob Wesley (CEO MobileLime), Dean Macri (Founder/CEO Cielo Group) and Brook Pitts (Senior VP, Marketing Innovation – Bank of America).

What started out as a very dry session turned out to be a very insightful lesson on ways to create conversation and user engagement using the power of mobile. 2 of the most interesting uses of mobile campaigns were mentioned by Bob Weasley and Dean Macri.

ad:Tech 2007 – Chris Anderson: The Long Tail

Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine, kicked off ad:Tech Chicago 2007 by taking a page (literally) out of his book: The Long Tail.

What are Tech Bloggers Good for?

Dare Obasanjo asks “what are those A-list technology bloggers good for?”

He’s absolutely right! (I’ve been saying that a lot today — I’m in a very agreeable mood).

What Tech Conference to Attend?

Richard MacManus asks “which tech conferences should I attend?”

I almost answered giving my opinion. But there’s a FAR BETTER way for him to figure that out than ask me what I think. It’s called “Upcoming.org.”

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