iPad Wi-Fi Issue? Apple says: "Adjust your screen brightness"

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Apple has updated a support document, which details some of the much-publicized Wi-Fi connectivity issues surrounding the iPad. In the document, Apple states “a very small number of iPad users have experienced issues with Wi-Fi connectivity” they even give out a few possible workarounds for anyone having Wi-Fi issues.

iPad Wi-Fi connectivity problems

Have you noticed any Wi-Fi connectivity with your iPad? Let us know.

The workarounds include:

  • Update Wi-Fi router Firmware
  • Use WPA or WPA2 wireless security
  • Adjust your screen brightness
  • Renew your IP address

Yes, you read that correctly… a possible workaround is “adjust your screen brightness”. Why didn’t I think of that? In all seriousness, how does screen brightness affect anything remotely dealing with the iPad’s Wi-Fi? MacRumors forum user, NakedPaulToast, gives the following comical answer

”If you turn the screen to the absolute darkest you won't be able to see the bars showing poor WiFi reception.”

Some of the issues that Apple is trying to fix with these workarounds include weak signal, general networking issues, SynBay, and forgotten passwords. Apple goes on to say in the document that they will “address remaining Wi-Fi connectivity issues with a future iPad software update”.

Have you tried any of Apple's suggested Wi-Fi workarounds... if so, how did they work? Tell us.