Apple Unveils New iPad Commercial

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Apple begun airing a new iPad commercial last night entitled "What is iPad?" The new ad is a slight departure from their "normal" advertising. As the name of the ad suggest, Apple asks the very simple question and proceeds to answer it in a very whimsical way...

"iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful. iPad goes anywhere and lasts all day. There's not right way or wrong way. It's crazy powerful. It's magical. You already know how to use it. It's 200,000 apps and counting. All the worlds'' websites in your hands. It's video, photos. More books than you could read in a lifetime. It's already a revolution and it's only just begun."

Do you have a problem with the way Apple is advertising the iPad in the new commercial? Let us know.

One of the reoccurring complaints I've seen is that people really hate the iPad being referred to as "magical". Personally, I thought it was a bit much... but you can watch the ad below and make up your own mind.

MacRumors points out that the new iPad ad pays homage to "What is Newton?", an Apple commercial from nearly 20 years ago. For those of you who don't remember the Newton, it was the first PDA, which was released in 1993. They also state that "If Apple keeps up with the theme, we should be seeing a "Who is iPad" ad and "Where is iPad" to mirror Who is Newton and Where is Newton."

Do you have any complaints about the new iPad commercial? Tell us.

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