This Water-Powered Jetpack Looks Like So Much Fun I'm About To Faint

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Jetpacks. Need I say more?

I want one. I want one. I want one. I want one. The only problem is that my "path to ownership" includes a couple of lottery wins or some sort of felony. This water-powered jetpack will run you close to $100,000.

The company is JetLev, and the device is the JetLev R200, a 30 lb. jetpack that can achieve 420 pounds of thrust. According to the site, you can ride up to 80 miles or 4 hours at a top speed of 25 mph and a height of 30 feet. Explore the ocean in style, hovering three stories above in a freaking jetpack.

The inventor, Raymond Li, went through four prototypes and 200 test flights before his water-powered jetpack got off the ground, per say. Here's how he managed to get it going, according to PopSci -

When Raymond Li decided to build a jetpack propelled by water instead of rocket fuel, most of his friends thought he had gone crazy. Worse, engineers told him it would be impossible to manage the water’s mass and thrust to keep it stable in the air.

Li, however, figured that if he attached a hose to his pack, and put the engine and water pump in a separate vessel that dragged behind him, he could seriously reduce his weight, and therefore the amount of thrust needed to stay aloft. In theory, a stiff hose filled with heavy, pressurized water would also add drag to stabilize the jetpack for better forward flight control.

So yeah, you have a 33-foot long hose dragging behind you and you're pulling a small vessel behind you, but after you watch this video you'll see that those minor thing will be the last thing on your giddy little mind -

The real "path to ownership" begins with a test flight, after which you secure your jetpack with a 20% deposit. After that, you participate in a certification and safety course. Your first payment of 40% MSRP is due 60 days before delivery.

That MSRP is currently $99,500.

The JetLev R200 comes in portal white, deep black and fire red - and for an extra $3500 can can paint it viper blue or dark toreador red.

What do you think? Worth the price tag? Anyone out there feeling extra generous this holiday season? Let us know in the comments.

[Hat Tip to Mashable]
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