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Kickstarter Unveils New #Tags to Track Project Trends

Kickstarter wants to make it easier for potential backers to find specific types of projects and browse projects pertaining to certain themes. They also want to be able to display which types of projects are trending on the site at any given time. That’s why they’ve just introduced hashtags on their discover page. “Over time, we’ve noticed certain themes and …

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Foursquare Lets You Tag Facebook Friends, Even If They Don’t Use Foursquare

On Monday, Foursquare updated their apps with a new rating system for locations. Now, when you find a business using the explore feature, it will have a number rating (from 1-10) attached. According to the company, this type of rating is determined through various signals including tips, likes, popularity, loyalty, and more. They say that it’s a much better rating …

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